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Redemption and Honor: Members of the Establishment choosing Good against Evil.
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Redemption and Honor: Members of the Establishment choosing Good against Evil.
I propose, on this thread, to honor members of the Establishment who decide to take risks and speak their mind, publicly, in favor of Patriotism:

Those who listen to their heart and conscience, and therefore abandon Globalism (and LGBT propaganda), for Patriotism and normal Conservative values. Those who accept to be hated by MSM and the so-called "global Elites", and enter the fight for Good; those who accept to fight for the hard-working middle-classes, thus making ultra-powerful enemies (enemies like Soros or Saudis).

Of course, the number 1, and natural leader, of these heroic powerful men who one day decided to risk it all, by fighting the globalist Establishment, is Donald Trump.

[Image: donald-470x270.jpg]

But today I want to thank, and honor, two other men who have just, openly, joined the forces of Good:

The boss of Red-Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz:

[Image: red-bull-ceo-dietrich-mateschitz-visits-...5-2016.jpg]

... and French deputy and leading politician, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan.

[Image: nicolas-dupont-aignan-est-candidat-pour-...00x500.jpg]

Because tonight, Dupont-Aignan has stunned the French globalist Establishment by publicly endorsing the patriot candidate, Marine Le Pen. Thus, Dupont-Aignan (who represents 5% of electors) has just instantly submitted himself to tons of threats and insults, from MSM and the traitorous Establishment. But he took the risk, and is now fighting among the Patriots. Much respect!

Well, what is so impressive, and great, with such men, is the fact that they have so much to lose, by going against MSM and the Globalists, but still, they decide to risk their lives and vast fortunes, for the common Good: they are the true heroes of our times! ... So, if you know other brave and powerful men like those above, add them to this thread!
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