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Morbidly obese. Desperate for advice on where to start.
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RE: Morbidly obese. Desperate for advice on where to start.
Well done for reaching out at least. You made the right choice.

Have you talked to a doctor about all your options? That would be worth an appointment. Try to find one that specialises in this sort of thing. Talking to a good therapist might be even more beneficial still, but obviously money can be an issue for some people.

The good news is that you've proven before that you can do this. You're just in a slump. It might pay to recognise that your addiction to food is precisely that. An addiction. However it's a tough addiction to kill because it's like trying to quit heroin when every third store sells heroin, everyone uses heroin over three times a day, the television advertises heroin and you can have legal heroin delivered to your door with nothing more than a phone call. A tough spot to be in.

But it's an addiction all the same, hence the reason for your relapse. Some people find help with various group therapy sessions, though there might be few of those in your part of the world. Hell, maybe you could start one. It would be a whole other thing to help other guys while helping yourself at the same time.

But back on track. You might need to find a different way to motivate yourself. Calories are a numbers game. They don't manifest out of thin air. If you're math-minded then it could simply be a matter of turning it into a system of beating the numbers. If not that, try looking at the problem in some other way that makes it more approachable.

Try to find a hobby that's mentally consuming, even if it's one that doesn't involve exercise. Don't allow food in that area of your life. Use it as a form of meditation. It could be competitive computer games or motorcycle riding or building model railways. Anything that carries your focus 100%. Then leave the heavy exercise to fields that don't place you near a fridge, like power walking to work with a weighted vest.

Try to remove the shitty food from your home. Don't even bring through your front door. Do your shopping once a week, but before you go, starve yourself until your stomach shrinks, have a good meal and then go to the shops while you're feeling full and maybe even a little sick. That will help you make smart choices when you're pulling stuff off the shelf.

For me, holidays and special events are a killer for diet related issues. I realised last year that I needed to see these as times of temptation to be fought through, not as times of harmless indulgence (I'm sure I can have just a bit of heroin. After all, it's Christmas, right?)

But in general, you need to accept that like an addict you've built your entire life around supporting your addiction. Reconstruct your life and even if you take two steps backward, as longs as you take three forward you'll get there eventually.

Hope some of that stuff helps. As they say, the devil is in the details and without you going into excruciating detail about your life there's a limit to how precisely we can aim our advice.
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