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Morbidly obese. Desperate for advice on where to start.
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RE: Morbidly obese. Desperate for advice on where to start.

To answer your question if it is too late. No. It is never too late to improve your life. Improving life is like growing. And if you stop growing you are dying.

Also, I applaud you for your humble post with no excuses. It was genuine and sincere. While, I don't wish a weight problem on anyone, I do wish all posters (especially new ones) would be as sincere. Which, is why I imagine you are receiving a huge amount of support.

First of all, give yourself credit for realizing something needs to change. Only when a person wants to change, can he change.

Second of all, you need to find the program that is right for you. You have been offered many different suggestions. It may take a little while to sort out what you are committed to doing. Doesn't matter if you get the most efficient and fastest way to lose weight, if you are not committed to doing it, it is useless. In the short term, I'd suggest walking and eating healthier. I didn't say massive caloric deficits or protein only. Just said, make some healthier choices while you figure it out.

Good luck OP. I am rooting for you.

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05-07-2017 04:10 PM
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