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Morbidly obese. Desperate for advice on where to start.
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RE: Morbidly obese. Desperate for advice on where to start.
Look the fact is none of us are qualified to give dietary advice. Which is why our advice of "see a doctor", "get checked for sleep apnea", "report back here" was sound, but commenting on specific nutrition really isn't.

I don't think there's a single diet that exists that hasn't been recommended by some guy with "Dr." before his name or wearing a lab coat. I swear if I searched long enough I'd find a "donut only diet" recommended by someone.

OP's biggest problem is he wants the feel good of guys helping him, but doesn't want the feel bad of being held to the fire when he doesn't perform, which is the very thing that would actually give him the change he supposedly wants.

Didn't he tell you he'd get checked for sleep apnea on Friday? Did he even report back to you on that?.

He doesn't need to receive any more advice, we need to receive his doctors reports, his MyFitnessPal logs, and his exercise logs, weekly, so we can hold him to account. He's bitching out so bad he can't even stomach anonymous criticism on an internet forum on something he started himself there. What does OP think, this forum is fucking magic, and you don't even need to go to the effort of posting data once a week, and it'll still magically transform your body into a fitness model's? You just need a dramatic appeal and then press a few "yeah thanks guys I can do it!!" buttons on a keyboard and somehow your fat disappears? If he can't even do this, he's already done for.
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