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Morbidly obese. Desperate for advice on where to start.
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RE: Morbidly obese. Desperate for advice on where to start.
(06-25-2017 11:38 PM)Tokyo Joe Wrote:  The Forum is littered with your own testaments to your utter personal failure to get strong by finding the right diet/workout regimen and sticking to it. So yes, if by "none of us are qualified" you mean "I am not qualified," then you would be quite correct.

Unlike you, I am rather well qualified to give basic dietary and workout advice -- and indeed I have done so to many men in real life, some of whom are members here, with positive results. Like you, I am a natural ectomorph. My natural set-point weight for fifteen years was 70 kg. Over four years I transformed from 70 kg/25% bodyfat to 86 kg/16% bf -- an addition of 20 kg (44 pounds) of lean muscle without recourse to roids/TRT or any other unnatural means.

You're not qualified, as some poster on the internet, unless you're willing to post your redacted record sheets of your clients progresses, including those who failed against your advice, or your evidence of formal study.

There's a well known statistical rule called "correlation doesn't imply causation". Even if you had 3 people respond well to your generic advice, does not mean you have the experience and expertise to provide effective advice for 9 out of 10 people of diverse physiologies.

That is why wise people usually go to qualified trained doctors for medical advice, who can defend their qualification with a documentation proving training and experience, rather than by posting reactive anger on the internet.

Yes I'll admit I failed, but I did execute all the advice I was given by everyone else's responses at the time, including from PM's, and actually ended up taking it a couple of steps further than the advice given (datasheet pending) by adding experimental peptides to try and overcome my gastrointestinal throughput problems (something I did go to doctors about on multiple occasions, and none had answers, so I did independent gastroenterology research). I continued it right up until I ceased once again to be of fixed abode.

To repeat what I said earlier: "There is a tendency in this space to overestimate the power of willpower and selectively forget the concept of the bell curve for things willpower can affect." As long as the bell curve exists, and people falsely believe correlation implies causation, generic advice-bravado like zatara's can go unchecked by using middle-of-the-curve successes to deny the existence of the tails-of-the-curve.

(06-25-2017 11:38 PM)Tokyo Joe Wrote:  By the way, Phoenix: You felt qualified to give the OP another of the pieces of truly shitty advice in this thread: Take a weight-loss pill. No. The brain always punishes a short-cut: Because there are none.

I suggested he talk to doctors about weight-loss drugs, and consider them in his specific context. I don't recall directly saying "you should take a weight-loss drug", at most I hinted at it, indeed I even said "I don't know everything about them". There are a lot of edge cases of obesity who have died after receiving a life of good dietary advice, who could've been saved by gastric band surgery for instance. And due to this fact, I'm happy to bring these ideas to threads like this, whether or not poster Tokyo Joe declares them shitty or not. He's said himself he's clocking in high blood pressure, and no doubt if he died those issuing willpower and lifestyle based advice-bravado would still feel like they were completely right.

And yes there are many shortcuts, which is why there's a full time PED testing program at the Olympics. Tell goodlookingloser, who says he maintained his ripped physique with T and T3 with only a couple visits to the gym a month. Tell the testosterone injections thread they're all "shortcutters". It works, it's an option, it has its costs and benefits, and all options should be calmly considered.

(06-25-2017 11:38 PM)Tokyo Joe Wrote:  When you have nothing to say, you would do well to keep silent, rather than 'sperging out, in trademark Phoenix fashion, like this --

I get the feeling you're actually quite an aggressive person in real life when you perceive people pipe up against you. But you'd be surprised how little your insults bother me, so please continue them at your leisure.

I don't apologize for that brand of tough love, nor consider it "sperging out", simply because it's worked before, and many other men (I'm guessing at least half) here agree with this style. I'm in camp tough love, not camp mollycoddle, because it's more effective, and less available elsewhere.
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