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Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor is August 26th 2017
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RE: Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor is August 26th 2017
Yeah, I don't think a lot of guys understand what it takes to become a Floyd Mayweather.

Not only do you have to be an apex-freak of boxing specific genetics but you have to take that freakery and enhance it by conditioning yourself to react to tiny, almost imperceptible twitches of your opponents without the slightest hint of conscious thought. Beyond that, your trained unconscious responses have to be perfect in nature and honed over many years by the finest trainers money can buy. For this reason Floyd could be put in a zombie state and still beat Connor.

Here's what Connor's working with (and five months of training is not going to de-program him and re-program him):

Floyd twitches. Connor thinks "move in to grapple, but no, I'm not allowed" and he's taken a hit. For a microsecond he sees Floyd's legs move and drops his arm a quarter inch to catch a kick that's never going to come, and before he even has time to think "oops" he's just caught another hit.

Here's what Floyd's working with:

His eyes register Connor dropping his guard a quarter inch for a quarter second and send that message to the base of his brain that sends the message to punch Connor in the face with a straight right jab, and some time between the moment his arm begins to move and Connor's face is impacted Floyd actually has the conscious thought that Connor dropped his guard and he's about to go down.

Floyd is literally a spectator in his own body.

And that is why Connor has no chance.
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