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Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor is August 26th 2017
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RE: Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor is August 26th 2017
(08-09-2017 04:24 AM)H1N1 Wrote:  Mayweather is a shrewd guy. People hate on him (understandably), but he is a smart bloke who has been consistently good at making a lot of money. I'm sure the IRS is after him, and I'm sure that most of what he earns is put through enough shell companies etc that they'll struggle to catch up with him. There's just no way Mayweather has failed to get himself a good lawyer and a good accountant.

Seriously rich guys get to tell the tax man what they are prepared to pay, and give a take it or leave it offer. I suspect Mayweather will do the same thing with the IRS on this one.

(08-12-2017 04:33 AM)Leonard D Neubache Wrote:  Floyd has some good marketers behind him, but I'm not sure that someone who's taken as many hits to the dome as he has is "financially savvy".

There's a real chance that "his" people are in fact gutting him with various shell games and even outright theft.

Trouble with the IRS whereafter "your" financial guys start talking shit like "issues with financial liquidity" should be a fucking yuge red flag.

I for one wouldn't be surprised to see Floyd wake up one day to find himself alone, broke 5 times over and facing a long stint in jail for unpaid taxes.

I agree with Leonard. Mayweather may well be "shrewd" in an animal cunning sorta way, but the guy can barely read. I give McGregor better odds in this fight than I give the notion that Mayweather is in the weeds with the financial chicanery involved in managing hundreds of millions of dollars and the IRS. I'm not saying he's surely being ripped off by his money managers, but that if he isn't, it's not because of his supposed massive intelligence allowing him to stay on top of things. You wouldn't ask a book smart nerd to build up a drug cartel from scratch, and you wouldn't ask a street smart boxer to get a handle on exotic financial structures and their repercussions vis a vis the IRS.
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