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Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor is August 26th 2017
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RE: Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor is August 26th 2017
(08-27-2017 12:30 AM)EDantes Wrote:  
(08-27-2017 12:27 AM)Mage Wrote:  
(08-27-2017 12:20 AM)EDantes Wrote:  
(08-27-2017 12:16 AM)Mage Wrote:  
(08-27-2017 12:01 AM)Alpharius Wrote:  [Image: and-here-we-go-gif-6.gif?fit=500%2C280]

Rewatch the movie - nothing followed this sarcastic remark of Joker - he was proven wrong.

Seriously you can put this gif under any two comments agreeing with each other and look either cool or dumb depending on people knowing or not knowing the movie.

MMA will give you basic boxing skills, but boxing will not give you any ground grappling and kicking skills, there is no way to deny it.

Mayweather did turn his back at least twice and dived a lot to save energy and make Mcgregor lose points by tempting to hit backside of his head. Good luck with such strategy in a real fight. A normal boxing mach between two boxers is closer to a real fight then what Mayweather did in this fight. He did not fight in a way that would defeat a real MMA guy in a street fight, he fought in a way that made most of MMA guy being restricted to do what he is good at.
For what it's worth, even MMA isn't a "real fight", as in a war or a street brawl, in a fight like that someone could just pull out a gun or a knife and end it there - so arguing over which fighting style is "more real" is almost just like a CoD player claiming that the guy who beat him was using a "noob weapon".

Sure, maybe Mayweather couldn't be Connor in MMA, but he never said he could, while it was Connor boasting that it'd be a knockout within 4 rounds even by boxing rules, so it was Connor who didn't put the money where his mouth was.

Yeah, yeah MMA is also not a real fight, we have heard this tired trope before, but it is closer to real fight them boxing anyway and about the closest thing you can do to train for a real fight without injuring yourself or your sparring partner.
Point is in a real fight a punk with a gun could win even if he had no real training or physical prowess, so it's a pretty pointless excuse to fall back on TBH. he should just take the loss with dignity instead of just fall back on the "I lost because Mayweather is a noob" excuse.

But he did take the loss with dignity.

And when you involve guns in talks about fighting then you get to the absurdities like there is no use in learning how to fight at all. I would say learning to fight realistically is a very useful thing to do and that is because in many fights the opponent will not have a gun. it should really be easy to understand and arguing about MMA being as unrealistic as Boxing because of muh guns is pure sofist semantics.

I suggest you don't own a gun and learn to shoot it at range guys. Because you know it is useless when a real war starts and you get nuked.
08-27-2017 12:39 AM
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