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Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor is August 26th 2017
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RE: Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor is August 26th 2017
(08-27-2017 01:40 AM)worldwidetraveler Wrote:  
(08-27-2017 01:36 AM)raveking Wrote:  I'm pretty sure Traveler Kai is a Conor hater or a troll...for someone whose supposed to be a "martial arts expert" he's pretty closed minded. Just to piss him off more, I'll just say that boxing is a safe space for slap fighters that don't want any business of a shin bone nailing them across the head. Its hilarious he's saying "muh boxing cardio" but can't even simply acknowledge that having multiple disciplines is better than having just one.

I'd say you and Mage are missing his point. Instead of listening, you guys are jumping up and down making fools of yourself.

Having multiple disciplines didn't help Connor out in this fight, did it?

There are many scenarios where multiple disciplines won't help. That was what TK was talking about. Hardly hating on Conner but being pragmatic.

It didn't help him fro obvious reasons that in this fight he was prohibited to use techniques from other disciplines.

As I said before - in a real fight there won't be a referee who will break up the fight if one fighter uses a technique unknown to another fighter.
08-27-2017 01:44 AM
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