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Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor is August 26th 2017
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RE: Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor is August 26th 2017
(08-27-2017 07:52 PM)Repo Wrote:  
(08-27-2017 05:29 PM)Captainstabbin Wrote:  
(08-27-2017 05:26 PM)Repo Wrote:  Is one year training even enough for an MMA fighter to build up the stamina needed for a full boxing fight? Ignoring all other aspects.

Starting from a couch potato? No. Starting from the best MMA fighter in the world who already trains every day? I would have said yes, but it's clearly a no.

Is 2 years of retirement enough time to lose the stamina needed to beat the best MMA fighter in the world? No.

Yeah, thats what I'm thinking. Did Conor simply underestimate the amount of cardio he would need, or was there just not enough training time for him to obtain the necessary level of cardio?

He only trained for this fight for what, a year? MMA fighters don't need the crazy stamina that boxers have built up over a lifetime of fighting. Kai, what is your opinion?

MMA does not need crazy stamina levels because not everyone in the ranks of the UFC roster can run that long to begin with. One of the reasons Jon Jones or GSP were so great is because they had 2 or 3 times the gas of everyone else in their division. The Diaz brothers have great tanks too but again, they were/are boxers and train with Freddie Roach.

GSP trains with the Canadian Olympic wrestling team sometimes during his camps. You have to have insane cardio to do something like that, but hey that's one of the reason GSP is so great in MMA.

More younger guys are in better shape than in years past. There are no more Tank Abbott like guys or anyone that sloppy in MMA these days.

Anyway, in pro boxing and amateur levels too, rounds can be as low as 4 to 10 for the less experienced fighters and the new up and comers. Boxing matches in the low levels are almost never 12 rounds. That shit is for headliners, some mid-level guys and big names. Connor was sort of disrespecting boxing a little bit by coming in there and not having even enough for a legit 10 rounds worth of cardio, but eh it was supposed to be a circus anyway.

To get an idea how much cardio pro boxers at the top have, look at the top NBA players right now. Pull any of the top 20 players right now and that is the kind of cardio we are talking about. Pro soccer players ditto. No elite MMA fighter I can think of (160lbs+ at least) has a gas tank like Kevin Durant or Steph Curry, but plenty pro boxers do, especially Floyd.

If I recall correctly, Floyd loves playing full court basketball on the side for fun.

Another thing is that MMA fighters have more muscle than boxers do, due to the nature of the sport and our training. Our shoulders are bigger, traps, forearms, hams, glutes, etc. The larger your muscles are, the more and the faster the available oxygen gets consumed. Boxers are crazy lean like basketball players.

If anyone thinks I am shitting on MMA fighter's cardio, if it means anything to you, most football players pro or college cannot hang with MMA guys cardio wise. We usually have alot more than your average football player. I personally have had to lift enough linebackers, linemen, and other skill position guys off the mat because they are just too spent. Wide receivers usually do alot better.

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08-28-2017 09:41 AM
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