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Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor is August 26th 2017
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RE: Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor is August 26th 2017
(08-28-2017 10:06 AM)H1N1 Wrote:  
(08-27-2017 10:29 PM)cascadecombo Wrote:  
(08-27-2017 07:52 PM)Repo Wrote:  
(08-27-2017 05:29 PM)Captainstabbin Wrote:  
(08-27-2017 05:26 PM)Repo Wrote:  Is one year training even enough for an MMA fighter to build up the stamina needed for a full boxing fight? Ignoring all other aspects.

Starting from a couch potato? No. Starting from the best MMA fighter in the world who already trains every day? I would have said yes, but it's clearly a no.

Is 2 years of retirement enough time to lose the stamina needed to beat the best MMA fighter in the world? No.

Yeah, thats what I'm thinking. Did Conor simply underestimate the amount of cardio he would need, or was there just not enough training time for him to obtain the necessary level of cardio?

He only trained for this fight for what, a year? MMA fighters don't need the crazy stamina that boxers have built up over a lifetime of fighting. Kai, what is your opinion?

different kinds of stamina. a grappler would easily outlast a boxer on the ground while the grappler would have numb arms after a few rounds of boxing. both would have amazing cardio in their own sports.

It's not so much the stamina in my view, it is the necessary level of comfort to be truly relaxed in that environment, and that takes a long time to build. I haven't boxed seriously in years, but on the odd occasion I go spar, I can easily go 5 or 6 rounds just by keeping generally fit - this is because I boxed for long enough to be extremely relaxed in the ring.

By contrast, I've been doing BJJ for 5 months now, and I still gas relatively quickly, because I'm still inefficient in my movements, and rely more on strength etc.

Stamina can be built fairly quickly. The kind of relaxed mastery that stops you gassing takes a much longer time to build. McGregor got tired because he was tense, and hasn't mastered stand up fighting.

Great points.

I brought up before somewhere, that with BJJ, if you train your fingers, wrists, etc. with kettlebells and other things, you can peel a guy's hands off your gi with just a couple fingers.

Little stuff like this, is just more experience and mastery. You can save a shitload of energy doing little stuff like this instead of using your entire arm and half your body to pull a guy's grip off you. Some vets do little stuff like shrugging a shoulder out of the gi jacket and turn it into a sudden arm submission on a guy who thought he was winning because he had a death grip on me and was on top. Just give them that black belt wink. Wink

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08-28-2017 10:26 AM
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