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Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor is August 26th 2017
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RE: Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor is August 26th 2017
(08-28-2017 11:08 PM)CaptainChardonnay Wrote:  
(08-28-2017 10:19 PM)Rush87 Wrote:  Regarding Conor's gassing - Since Conor's Max Hollaway fight, he doesn't do any road running [After a knee reconstruction]. That's why Conor cycles, and why we see him doing that aqua running. The problem is, it's non-impact, so it doesn't translate when you're on your feet for long periods.

This is why we saw him gas against Diaz twice, [A primarily stand-up fight], and why he gassed against Floyd. There's a reason running has been a staple of boxing forever. Back when I boxed there was always a saying: "You don't run, you don't fight". Running's non-negotiable. Doesn't have to be daily 5miles, but you need those 5km runner VO2 Max workouts.

Rumour is Conor will be fighting Nate in December and he'll gas again. He needs to figure out a way to run with his knee if he wants to solve that cardio problem [It wouldn't be such a big issue against a grappling based fighter because it's a different kind of cardio, but against Nate it will be].

Keep an eye out for articles/footage regarding his training because Nate's cardio will be better at 155, and if Conor hasn't worked out a way to run, there's a good chance he gets overwhelmed in the 4th this time round.

Is this true TK? I don't do running for cardio but maybe I should put it back in. I gas out really quick and I'd do anything to up my stamina. Is running really the key?

Run or Roll non stop. Should be doing both actually. In my prime used to run a few to 5 miles before or after practice. I would weight train the opposite of when I ran, so (lift, practice, run or run, practice, lift). Would do this 3 times a week.

People will smell your ass from a mile off, but it is what it is.

(08-28-2017 11:51 PM)Rush87 Wrote:  
(08-28-2017 11:08 PM)CaptainChardonnay Wrote:  Is this true TK? I don't do running for cardio but maybe I should put it back in. I gas out really quick and I'd do anything to up my stamina. Is running really the key?

Carl Froch says it best here:

Quote:1. You’re signing up to be a semi-professional runner
"I hate running, but when you get to this level, if you aren’t prepared to become a semi-professional runner, you might as well quit. Running is your bread and butter: the core fitness from which everything else is built. When I train, I probably run five times a week, and this is anything from 80-metre sprints to full-on 10k's. I can now do six miles in less than 40 minutes, which is an extremely fast time for someone carrying so much muscle. Young boxers might find it a massive kick in the balls when they realise what’s required to become champion, but it all pays off in the ring."

Rumour has it Floyd used to run at 5:45-6min mile pace which is on par with elite 5km distance runners [Maybe a bit exaggerated but fast no doubt].

In MMA, even big guys like DC and Jones run [Tito did regular 5 mile runs as a grappling dominant fighter]. There's no substitute. I've noticed since I've been involved in MMA there is a very strong 'cross fit' style influence when it comes to cardio, and it helps a lot with grappling but if you're spending big chunks of time on your feet, you need the mileage.

Preach! I wrote it in my guide that the workouts your average boxer has to do would make most people faint. It's a hard, hard, sport. It's boring as fuck most of the time and you have to be like a machine when it comes to routines.

Some of these pro boxers could probably run with Kenyan marathon runners. Maybe Floyd's next challenge should be to see if he can beat some of those dudes in a long distance race and put a few million on it live on TV. Lots of people would watch that.

I hung out with Tito a few times. Dude is a fitness fanatic. He may not have been the most skilled fighter in the Octagon but he taught us all to step our fucking game up on a fitness level. His impact on MMA as a whole is HUGE. I could talk about him all day. Coolest cat you have ever met and would spend an hour giving a stranger training advice and tips. Tito had wrestler stamina. These dudes from high school to college run and roll ALOT. Then on weekends, they go run some more or go to meets that don't go on their records. Most of the high cardio MMA guys are NCAA wrestlers. They have the "just right mixture" of muscle and cardio. Not exactly like boxers, but more than enough for MMA.

(08-29-2017 02:50 AM)Solus Wrote:  Conor gasses because he doesn't pace himself and he's vulnerable to fighters exploiting his overconfidence and making him punch himself out then pressuring him when he tries to take a step back and recover.

It's why he crumbled so quickly against Nate in the second round of their first fight and also why he looked so out of it against Floyd after three.

Not accusing anyone in this thread but he and many of his fans act like it's solely a physical issue on his part as a cheap way to discredit his opponents.

If he had knee reconstruction, it would explain alot. That's one of the things that stopped my cagefighting and still dogs me to this day. I ride bikes alot just to stay in shape, but guess what? That does not translate very well. Not only that, larger thighs become more of an issue the longer you do it.

I'm not saying your analysis is not correct, but I think there are a few slightly larger contributing factors at play here. Connor's punching is not as bad as you make it seem and he is not some 10 win amateur 21 year old either. His pacing could use some work, sure, but if you play devil's advocate and think about, why he went so hard so early, it probably was because he HIMSELF knew he did not have the gas can to go 7 or 8 rounds. So going for a knockout was obviously the best strategy considering what he had to offer.

Let's be real here, you are not going to be a 5 round fighter and go to 12 in one fucking year. It's not happening. You could wear an altitude mask and marathon fuck 100 women. It's still not enough. If you got a fucked up knee? Come on.

(08-29-2017 05:44 AM)Kieran Wrote:  You have to run, there's no substitute, and the bulk of it needs to be long duration steady state (always makes me laugh the idiots out there that read a bit of sport science and decide that interval training is the best thing because it mimics the demands of a fight, meanwhile the Thais stick to what they know works from trial and error (10 km plus 6 days a week) and have great fighting endurance). Adaptation is specific to the activity, which is why boxers run because they fight on their feet, and swimmers swim in the pool. Training the other energy systems also needs to be specific, which is why interval training with running doesn't really ever have the desired effect, whereas punch out drills and stuff actually work.

In addition to what Kai has mentioned, although the aerobic system is the most trainable of all of the energy systems, there is still a genetic component to it - I've got an RHR in the high 30s - low 40s even though I haven't ran for years - the hospital I was at couldn't even do an ecg on me because it was so low recently and the nurse had to talk to me and stuff to get it to come up a bit because of how the equipment was set up. Guys like Jermaine Taylor just didn't have the stamina no matter what training they did.

For MMA guys, they can run or train with altitude masks, although there is no real substitute for just running. We always look for an edge because we feel like we were in several car crashes everyday. Constantly sore and on all limbs. I had a pro fighter that hated running a few years ago I was still training. He always wanted to just roll to get his cardio. He wouldn't even wear a mask. Since he lived in Utah, I found some places that were high altitude he could run and not get bored. Even then it was like pulling teeth. He was an older fighter as well.

This is yet another reason why MMA is going to end up being more of a young man's game. Most men cannot take Muay Thai level punishment and train at the highest levels for long. Boxers only abuse their legs via running, not getting kneed and chopped by some other guy getting bruised and hundreds of tiny fractures like MMA guys.

Excellent point on the Resting Heart Rate and genetics too. Some guys just have good heart pumps genetically and just don't get tired or fatigued as fast. Last time I got an ECG, they asked me if I was a competitive swimmer or an athlete when they saw the measurements as well.

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08-29-2017 09:06 AM
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