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A new Hitler has arisen, and MSM shelter him
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RE: A new Hitler has arisen, and MSM shelter him
(08-01-2017 02:40 AM)weambulance Wrote:  Sounds more like Stalin, actually.

Stalin and Hitler were bff, even making their mutual love official by signing the Ribbentrop-Molotoff pact!

Only when the Germanic female, Hitler, ultimately went rogue on the Georgian male, Stalin, did things went sour between those two lovers...

But I agree, Maduro is more of a Stalin type, but, point is, to trigger the Left and MSM, calling Maduro Hitler, would have much greater effects!

If today President Trump tweets about Maduro being Hitler, literally, watch the reactions of MSM and the Left: they'd be destroyed, wrong footed, speechless!

Like with the trannies (whom all normal citizens dislike), Maduro is currently indefensible, MSM could not try to defend him in the public eye, they'd be neutered (just like in the trannies' ban case: for MSM, a lost cause and they know it!)
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