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A new Hitler has arisen, and MSM shelter him
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RE: A new Hitler has arisen, and MSM shelter him
To be honest, I refrain from judging the situation without full knowledge of what's going on and who all the players and parties involved are.

After all, I fully remember the chaos and fake news that Yanukovich's army is sniping down "peaceful" protestors in Kiev, and how tyrant Assad is killing democracy seekers in midst of Arab Spring. And of course, who can forget the freedom fighters of Libya who desperately needed our help and NATO allies to depose of Gaddafi, only to turn Libya into a 7th century hellhole, terrorism haven, slave-trading country where now tens of thousands of Africans are being shipped to Europe from, everyday.

I would have hoped we'd have learned our lesson. I could be wrong and Maduro could prove to be a Stalin-esque figure, but I'd be cautious of calling for intervention and regime change after the hoaxes we have been sold in the last decade. I'd like to know more and hear the other side of the story.
08-01-2017 08:47 AM
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