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A new Hitler has arisen, and MSM shelter him
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RE: A new Hitler has arisen, and MSM shelter him
(08-01-2017 02:33 AM)Going strong Wrote:  Tonight, there's no denying it: the world has its new Hitler, literally! dictator: a new Hitler is ruthlessly consolidating his power just across the Caribbean sea.

Re-posting here, as I think the matter is of utmost importance:

Krystal Nacht under way in Venezuela!

The monstrous commie dictator Maduro has just kidnapped the leader of the resistance (Leopoldo Lopez), at night, and has also kidnapped the old ex-mayor of Caracas under the cover of night! The locations of both victims are unknown.

[Image: crisis-en-venezuela-2501165w620.jpg]
^ leader of the resistance, Leopoldo Lopez

Maduro is Hitler, literally! Staying in power through dummy elections, killing tons of opponents or common people in the streets, defying the world, persecuting groups on ethnic basis, leading his people to ruin, despair and famine...

Food for thought: In 1938, if you had had the opportunity of sending a hellfire missile through Hitler's window, would you have done so?

Will the world stand still as a new Hitler is rising? Hellfire option, or, a quick anti-Noriega helicopter intervention?...

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]
^Venezuela, first of August 2017... MSM silent, still protecting their socialist, progressive dear leader, Maduro.

^the grey-haired ex-mayor of Caracas kidnapped by Maduro SA' fascist troops, at night in his condo. Note that the courageous neighbors shout in rage and despair!

[Image: Maduro_dictador.jpg]
MSM has been cosying up to this monster for years: enough! People are dying by the thousands!

Maduro's SS officers kidnapping Leopoldo Lopez at night: what have you got to say, Michael fuckin Moore and CNN?

1999: Milosevic is Hitler, the 'Butcher of the Balkans'. He's a 'brutal commie dictator'. Let's bomb and invade Yugoslavia and bring them 'democracy'. The Serbs will thank us.

2003: Saddam is Hitler. He is a 'brutal dictator' who has WMD. We must invade and 'liberate' the Iraqi people to bring them 'democracy'.. The Iraqis will thank us.

2011: Gadaffi is Hitler. He is a 'brutal dictator'. His soldiers are all on high on cocaine and viagra and will kill and rape everything in it's path. Let's bomb Libya and 'liberate' it. The Libyans will thank us.

2011: Assad is Hitler. He is a 'brutal dictator'. His soldiers are massacring the Syrian people. We must help the 'moderate' opposition to 'liberate' Syria and bring them 'democracy'. The Syrians will thank us.

2013-14: Yanukovich is a 'brutal dictator'. His police and soldiers are killing 'unarmed peaceful demonstrators'. We must 'liberate' the Ukrainian people and give them 'freedom' and 'democracy'. The Ukrainians will thank us. Fuck the EU! Fuck Putin!

2017: Maduro is Hitler. He is a 'brutal Commie dictator'. Let's bomb Venezuela, kill Maduro and 'liberate' their oil.......errr I mean people. 'Freedom', 'democracy'. The Venezuelans will thank us.

Rinse, repeat ad infinitum.

The Empire of Chaos.
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