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Best cities/countries for Indian and South Asian men?
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RE: Best cities/countries for Indian and South Asian men?
(11-09-2017 12:02 AM)Fortis Wrote:  
(11-08-2017 08:28 PM)Arado Wrote:  
(09-23-2017 08:28 PM)Fortis Wrote:  I've offhandedly noticed that Blacks and South Asians tend to get similar treatment abroad, so if you guys find that a country has gameable women, I also find those same women can also be receptive to Black men.

Very interesting point, I would say this is probably most applicable in northEast Asia and Eastern Europe, where both Indians AND blacks are still enough of a rarity that girls just put them (along with darker Latino guys) in one "dark" category.

In Latin America, Indians (depending on their vibe, style and skin tone compared with that of the locals) can blend in with locals in some countries while blacks couldn't, so I'd say it's less valid of a correlation.

In Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Burma, Indonesia, there are large Indian communities that have their own unique dynamic going on. In Vietnam and Philippines, the black/Indian experience may be more similar due to smaller populations of expat Indians. Don't have much experience in ME or Africa but I'd think it's a very different experience between the groups. In Anglo countries, there are enough of both groups that they have their own social dynamics going on so the experiences would be pretty divergent. In other Western European countries I would assume that the rapefugee crisis has screwed things for everyone, but there are now enough brown and black people that the experiences would be different.

I would think that the more a society is exposed to foreigners coming from countries (or ethnicities) A, B, C, the more they will differentiate between them as long as they can tell them apart.

One thing that I notice that works across the board for all men of color seems to be language skills.

All my Black and Indian bros who speak decent Mandarin seem to pull a disproportionate number of quality women. I know of one Pakistani guy out here who is not attractive at all but he pulls some seriously hot chicks because of his line of work (owns his own business) and speaks really really good Mandarin. I suspect that this is because sometimes we have a strange image in the public consciousness so when a girl sees that you're serious about her language (and culture) she might think highly of you.

I wonder if this also applies in Scandanavia and EE? I imagine a Scandy or Polish girl would be impressed if you spoke the native tongue fluently. Obviously, that's a deep investment strategy and has many opportunity costs that come with it, but it might warrant some testing at some point. Does anyone have any experience with this?

I guess Roosh is sort of a case study in that regard since he speaks Russian and Spanish and I suspect that, as a guy who isn't white, it gives him a pretty decent leg up over his competitors.

Language definitely helps, though there are limits. In East Asia, I would say that it usually turns out that the girls who already speak English are the ones that will be much more open to carnal relations with foreigners. If a girl doesn't speak English and is in a tier 1 city, then usually they don't have that much interest in foreigners. What ends up happening is that speaking the local language becomes more of a DHV to the English speaking groupies, and gives you an SMV point or two to cancel out the disadvantage from discrimination.

Of course, because the girls that speak English are far outnumbered by the ones that don't, speaking the local language will open you up to a whole world of women that the English only speakers can't access, though the success rate with them will likely be lower than with the English speaking girls.

It's a weird dynamic. The other region is Eastern Europe - in Russia, dark guys have decent results speaking only in English because it puts girls on the defensive - by speaking Russian they get put in a box with guys from Tajikistan and the girl is more confident. In Latin America speaking Spanish is absolutely essential.

Having social status and being introduced by high value friends is probably the easiest way to break a girl's resistance to a foreign guy if he is of a race she isn't interested in (assuming this isn't an online approach, where girls automatically screen for race). I would say dressing well is an important corollary to that to beef up the image you are trying to put forth. In some countries, social circle/event game is an order of magnitude easier than cold approach just because you don't have to deal with any racism.
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