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Best cities/countries for Indian and South Asian men?
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RE: Best cities/countries for Indian and South Asian men?
(03-03-2019 04:22 PM)Graft Wrote:  
(03-02-2019 09:01 PM)a beer is enough Wrote:  Then again, I don't fault these dudes entirely. A lot of guys and people want to have that perception of being cool and nightlife/bartending offer it while very few avenues in the real world do. I mean model photography might be something else that offers it but that is ungodly saturated itself. Outside of those things, nothing about doctor, lawyer, or banker really yells "cool and fuckable" to women like bartender at a nightclub does. While my life has been a storm in recent months, I am looking to eventually bartend at a nightclub myself someway, as tough as that might be.

Now granted your old money WASPy Chads got all of this out of their system by end of college at latest but most other people did not. It is in those people that you see a lot of this flashiness and thirst for wanting to ascend the cool ladder. I see it all the time with new money people from all sorts of backgrounds whether it is Indian, Arab, or even whites that are just getting a taste for wealth (aka the 40k millionaire meme).

This is what I'm still trying to wrap my head around. I don't view bartenders and club promoters as "cool and fuckable" compared to doctors, lawyers, and bankers. Maybe there are a lot of Indian guys that have made it to the top as doctors, lawyers, and bankers but still aren't "cool and fuckable", and that's why club promoting is perceived as superior.

I consider myself a "cool and fuckable" guy. Not necessarily because I have a good job, but because I have the looks, style, physique, and personality to back it up, as well as the ability to pay for certain things. Guys who are sexually attractive and have lots of options don't need to become a club promoter in order to look cool. I have the same access to the hot women that all these promoters are blowing up every weekend through my phone.

Are certain club promoters and bartenders sex symbols? Yes, the ones that have the looks, style, physique, and personality to back it up. Most of them look like thirsty RSD tryhards, guys who wouldn't have options in real life.

A white collar guy who has the looks, style, physique, and personality to back it up is going to be infinitely more appealing than your average promoter chode.

There's also a big difference between "new money types" wanting to go to the club with a group of hot girls and guys, ball out taking pictures, and brown dudes who have solid six figure careers wanting to be club promoters or bartenders, the help in clubs. It doesn't make sense to me as I see these nightlife people as having temporary fun but ultimately failing in life.

Most younger women in their sexual prime would disagree with you and in the end, their view matters more since we are trying to fuck them. Sure a doctor, lawyer or banker makes a good husband or a good long-term option after she is past her partying and going out days and looking to settle down. If you have the looks, style, and game then at that point profession becomes somewhat less relevant.

That's the disconnect, sure women would love to marry a doctor or white collar guy but nothing about that life really yells sex with a different hottie every week unless the guy has a lot of other things going for him (looks, game, status through something cool like instagram, etc.). On the flip side someone in a profession in nightlife has status in something hot girls genuinely care about.

Hot girls who are on the younger end care about being regulars at the hottest clubs, getting noticed, being seen by the workers there for an in, and the list goes on. So by default, that kind of a life or any life similar to it (say something in the modeling world) helps you with the status part of game which I have found to be immense.

Not that I agree with any of this but it is just the way it is.
03-03-2019 09:05 PM
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