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Best cities/countries for Indian and South Asian men?
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RE: Best cities/countries for Indian and South Asian men?
I am half Indian, have the same brown skin appearance, infact on the darker tanned side, and short aswell, but I have muscles, more definition, not jacked, still working on getting there. But I don't struggle with white girls or cute/hot girls of any race.

Recently I have had many Indian friends/colleagues complain they cannot get laid hence the motivation for this post. Going to help out the Indian guys as much as I can as I feel bad seeing so many of my good Indian friends/colleagues be guys who are good hearted people with good careers still somehow be incels, and I wish you well in your quest to find the fuck buddies or high quality girl

Things Indian guys who don't get laid do and need to do :

- Muscles: hit the gym, lots of information on this forum on how to have a good workout/meal plan regime, no excuses, hit the gym.

- Victim mentality : as mentioned in this thread, it is a key component of why Indians struggle, specifically the shorter darker skinned Indians. I believe there are many contributing factors such as internally being threatened by taller white men or just more masculine men in general which can affect your body language, watching too much western media thus enforcing that white men are more alpha .
Even western media generally makes Indian men look highly weak/beta . Prime examples include Raj from Big bang Theory and that taxi driver dude in Deadpool. Solution, quit media, do not watch too many TV shows, they are a waste of time anyways and you could be doing more constructive things with your time, quit posting complaining threads on social media doing IRT troll shit, get out in the real world and meet people outside of cold approach.
Actually socialise with people of all races, obviously socialise with more westernized people so you understand the social norms. Realise that you have the power to raise your SMV, but don't compare yourself too much to other guys as you will get negative, just remember you have your own journey, but put in a good committed effort.

- Bantering: learn to banter and be witty, it build comfort with westernized girls weather you like white, asain or blacks who are westernised. Whites and majority of guys with good game are especially good at this.

- Social norms and Social awareness : really pay attention to western social norms and analyse them carefully. Most western countries such as the UK, Australia etc tend to be very conformist in mindset and thus heavily value social norms. And girls will be more accepting and even value you a bit more if they notice you can adhere to western social norms. So even the example in this thread of the uber driver with BO, while an extreme one, is still an example of social awareness.

- Culture/Trends : This seems to apply for western girls as it somehow builds comfort fro my own experience. Make sure you know trends/cultural like music of the niche and age group of girls you go for like to listen to since it is a huge comfort builder and can lead to some great bantering moments.
So if you like alternative chicks, know their music, if you like hippy chicks, have some tunes on your phone to talk about, if you like basic white bitches, know what they like. Ofcourse this expands to more than just music , I just used music as an example. you have other avenues like life, food, popular social trends.
As I said, this is necessary only for western girls since I think they tend to be very social circle based( again my opinion and experience, I would like someone to chime in with feedback on this). European girls such as German girls are highly open to dating Indian guys and know a lot about Indian culture( specifically the hippy types and vegans).

- Fashion : goes without saying, lots of info on this forum to make you stand out with dressing, you have no excuse for dressing bad. Just figure out what niche of girls get along with you with and dress accordingly. There was a good thread of suit game.

- Thirst: I do not mean to be harsh, but to needs to be said, there is a strong thirst for women issue within the Indian race, worst still many of Indians( fobs and westernized) hit on girls over social media with zero calibration and give normal Indian dudes a bad name. If you are thirsty and your mood/body language changes too much to the point of extreme validation seeking around a HB8, get a piece of paper, write what personality/lifestyle traits you want in a girl and adhere to that list like it were some sacred words form the universe. DO NOT BE THRISTY. DO NOT CRAVE SEX LIKE SOME THRISTY ANIMAL IN A DESOLATE DESERT. Women are just humans and poop and burp like us and you are worthy of women.
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