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Trending on Twitter: "The First White President" by Ta-Nehisi Coates in The Atlantic
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RE: Trending on Twitter: "The First White President" by Ta-Nehisi Coates in The Atlantic
1. I'm slightly surprised nobody has mentioned Ta-Nehisi Coates' book, Between the World and Me:

It's got over 3,500 reviews. I've seen it across all bookstores in my area. It gets a LOT of attention from academia and elite school-educated people. I've seen his name and book referenced quite a bit on Facebook.

This guy is a younger version of Cornel West. He'll get a lot of play from academia and the mainstream media. Expect to see a lot more of them.

2. Haha, when I read Bienvenuto's about him winning a "genius grant", I instantly wondered if Coates had won the MacArthur Genius Award, a guess that was a few minutes later confirmed when reading Samseau's post.

For those who aren't aware: the MacArthur Foundation isn't a shady, behind the curtains type of organization. In fact, their Fellowship, colloquially called the Genius Award (just google "Genius Award", it's the first thing to pop up) is extremely well-known in academia.

In fact, it's basically the Nobel prize for people under 40. I'm not exaggerating. If you win a MacArthur Genius Award, you're guaranteed tenureship. In the RAISE act, the 25 points given to a Nobel Laureate or equivalent prize would go to a MacArthur Fellow.

Some famous MacArthur Fellows: Stephen Jay Gould, Stephen Wolfram, Edward Witten, Amos Tversky (Daniel Kahnemann's long-time collaborator), Jared Diamond, David Foster Wallace, Tim Berners-Lee, Terrence Tao, Atul Gawande,

Take a look - I know most RVF members are well-read, you might recognize quite a few names.

I haven't looked into if most (or all) of the white fellows are really from the tribe. But damn, I wouldn't have expected it if true. Maybe it's the case now, but I don't recall David Foster Wallace being a Jew. Neither is one person I know personally - Catholic, goes to church every Sunday, pioneer in his field of physics, absolutely deserved it.

Again to emphasize, this is the next best thing to winning a Nobel prize for academics. It's YUUUGE. Unfortunate that the MacArthur Foundation is now celebrating race baiters like Coates, but perhaps unsurprising that as academia becomes more deranged so does everything connected with it. Another unfortunate pick in my opinion was Angela Lee Duckworth, a social "psychologist" who rediscovered the personality traits conscientiousness and labelled it "grit". Jordan B Peterson blasted her for that:

Quote:By the way, there is also no such thing as "grit," despite what Angela Duckworth says. Grit is conscientiousness, plain and simple (although probably more the industrious side than the orderly side). All Duckworth and her compatriots did was fail to notice that they had re-invented a very well documented phenomena, that already had a name (and, when they did notice it, failed to produce the appropriate mea culpas. Not one of psychology's brighter moments). A physicists who "re-discovered" iron and named it melignite or something equivalent would be immediately revealed as ignorant or manipulative (or, more likely, as ignorant and manipulative), and then taunted out of the field. Duckworth? She received a MacArthur Genius grant for her trouble. That's all as reprehensible as the self-esteem craze.

JBP's entire Quora is worth a read imo. It's completely off-tangent to the topic in this thread. But man, does he shred people in the classic JBP way.

Anyway, just trying to put Ta-Nehesi Coates into context: he's well on his way to becoming a huge voice on the left.

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