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Another delusional Indian PMs Me.
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Another delusional Indian PMs Me.
This guy who has 0 posts sent me a message...didn't really read them because it gave me some bad vibes.

So first he messages me that he has a questions or something...
He could have just asked right away, Idk why he was permission seeking from me. Lol.

So he is talking about my post here ->
(You can read the thread if you want, but the main context is in the message)

Let me point out some flaws...

(10-31-2017 01:02 AM)chinasaiyan Wrote:  What you are totally wrong is the Indian Men being Beta, vast majority of are not at all Beta rather very Alpha. Indian Men have humongous Thirst for White Women, their lust for White Woman. this entire forum is pretty much agreeing that Indian guys have some kinda of issues...It's not just me...This guy is opposite that...

Alright, LOL.
Then he goes on...a lot of paragraphs on how Indian guys are awesome and all that...which I am not really interested in so I don't reply to him.

Then he messages me 4 days later...
Yeah, Indian guys are super alpha, bro.
This is like double-texting a girl. LOL. I can already sense how this guy games irl. lmao

He says he is Chinese...but I doubt it, just making shit up so he can hide the fact that he is an Indian.

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