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Starting a dating website
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RE: Starting a dating website
You generally need:

1) An established user base
2) A hook
3) Time

Pick two.

OKC had their Q&A matching system as a hook (apparently a bunch of math majors), launched it as a free site and then it took off over time.

Lavalife started as Telepersonals before re-branding and going online. They had an established user base around Toronto and a few other cities then expanded and people largely switched to online.

POF is sort of an exception in that it was early in and took lots of time. However, it has no hook and is dying because of executive meddling, a poor front end, and a not particularly attractive user base these days from what I have heard and seen.

I had a friend who was looking at launching a dating web site. She was already running a foodie blog and was working on a way to rope her fan base into online dating. Not sure how it worked out but that functions both as a hook and an established user base. The foodie angle is sort of related to dating when you think of restaurant reviews or home cooking options.

A non-English language site might work, but you have to look at the demographics. A Chinese site might work in Vancouver or Toronto, a Greek site might work in Melbourne, a Tagalog site might work in Guangzhou.

A site for marriage minded would need a lot of value added in the form of vetting and matching. Dating intentions online run fast and loose with the truth with both sexes avoiding saying that they want ONS/FBs etc for the opposite reasons and guys saying they want something serious when they obviously don't.

Any vetting exposes you to legal liability so to do that you need some sort of insurance and a good lawyer to develop the process. It also dictates what clientele you are targeting and the sort of fees - upfront and follow on - that you are charging. Career women are willing to put up money but they will be looking for a guy who earns even more than they do.

You can use a shotgun approach to matching because there are so many ways that it can be done: psychometrics, self-reporting, astrology, socio-economic research, or hand curation (the most time consuming, and therefore the most expensive either for you if you only get paid for results, or for the client if you don't have a stellar matching history but somehow get paid upfront).

The real challenge is to get paid in line with the effort you are putting in and the value actually conveyed to clients. Pricing and payment strategies are a lot simpler for generic meeting/dating sites.
10-02-2019 09:33 AM
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