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$50k annual income from how much (and allocation) in investments?
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RE: $50k annual income from how much (and allocation) in investments?
(01-31-2018 05:36 PM)RatInTheWoods Wrote:  2 rental properties

Does someone manage them for you?

OP: Have a look at this. $200K should net you $50K per year, though note the risk of the exchange's collapse. I've been doing this for about 3 years and they were hacked once or twice in that time. I consider it a moderately high risk. The only reason I keep doing it as when they we're hacked it was handled very well and they went out of their way to get everyone their money back.

I am very apprehensive on buying anything right now. You'd be buying in at historic near highs for a lot of assets.

For stocks the best bet for passive is to research what you think will be a growing market over the next 10 years. 10 years ago that would have been certain tech stocks and travel stocks. Last year I bought Canadian marijuana stocks which are up several hundred percent. I was also looking at Chinese tech companies like Tencent (up over 100%) and companies that make automation devices like Faunc (up about 100%) but didn't buy Undecided.

Some markets I was looking into:

- Airports with big in/out-flows of migrant workers and tourists and room for a new terminal
- Budget airlines with room to grow; hold WizzAirr, up over 100% YTD
- IVF, growing international market and likely at home due to male soyification, though PEs very high
- Chinese tech, growing market
- Food Panda / Delivery Hero, suspicious of their poor financials though suspect they will have good growth
- Gardening is the No. 1 hobby in the US and with an aging pop. and low cost of products it will likely grow and with cross over the the potential US cannabis market
- Genealogy is the No. 2 hobby in the US, Ancestry is meant to be IPO-ing soon. They have recently had massive growth in DNA kits, selling more in the last 12 months than all genealogy kits sold by any company prior; you can buy Ancestry via the stock of one company that has a big share; French genealogy company, Filae, has had some good growth, traded on a small cap EURO exchange or can be bought as part of that exchange's NAV
- Some company that sells whatever useless tat hipster millennials buy, so I can profit from the ends of their family line
- Work online brokerages like Freelancer, their financials look poor, but they are rallying after a big dip
- VISA, Mastercard - global growth
- Exposure to high-growth tourism destinations: Thailand, SPain, Mexico, Ivory Coast, all of South America, Japan, UAE, Oman
- Chinese Netflix: iQiyi IPO
- Companies that sell diapers to developing countries (one of the few things poor people buy); also baby food
- Companies that build automation devices to replace human workers
- 3D printing
- Companies that sell gym equipment to developing countries

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