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The Pewdiepie appreciation thread
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RE: The Pewdiepie appreciation thread
(05-25-2018 01:29 PM)Samseau Wrote:  I don't blame Pew for marrying his longtime girlfriend. We don't know the details of the relationship completely. If she has been loyal, treats him well, then I guess it's not a big deal if he looks beyond her pink hair or whatever. Her feminist views are just a product of her time, and honestly, I don't think men should care what women's political views are too much. It's not like women carry coherent philosophies, female opinions are almost always highly irrational.

That said, I can't help but feel PewDiePie sets a bad example for men. He doesn't lift, he talks like a girl, and acts very feminine. This might not impact the world's most popular Youtube star, but for the average man behaving like this is a fast track to incel MGTOW. PDP has weak game, although he is highly entertaining, and his girlfriend is basically a unicorn (the pretty loyal feminist). Obviously most hardcore feminists aren't going to be like her.

So PDP sets a bad example for men on how to behave, as well as what to look for in a woman. At least PDP looks this way superficially. I think if PDP lifted, and actually gave good game advice on how he handles his girl, he would do the world a lot of good. But we know that won't happen because she would probably flip out on his ass and he can't handle that.

The plus to PDP is that he does show off red pill ideas every now and then, so his value is still slightly positive, but like Roosh says, he is still infected with a tremendous amount of soy.

100% agreed on the girlfriend thing.

I disagree that pewdiepie’s game is weak. I think it’s become strong now.

It might not be roosh level game, but as far as I’m concerned that’s an unattainble standard anyway unless you are fully committed to dedicating your life to slaying pussy perhaps.

His game only got from mediocre to strong quite recently in my opinion. It’s true that he used to act kinda gay and feminine but less and less these days.

If you watch any of his latest vids it becomes extremely clear that his words, actions, jokes are all driven by the same fundamentals and principles behind game

Today’s vid. If you don’t think he’s making pussies wet all over the world by the time the video hits 30 seconds perhaps you should reconsider what game is.

Lifting doesn’t have anything to do with it, neither does giving advice. I actually tend to think those are net negatives because the first looks to women like you are compensating for something and the second is giving away your edge to your competition basically, which makes you a cuck in a way.

It’s funny you admit he’s highly entertaining. You know who else is highly entertaining?

Donald motherfucking Trump

Being able to captivate and entertain people all by yourself is a strong alpha signal

Think some of you guys get too hung up on the details

If you really want you can nitpick on Trump and find lots of beta things about him too, matter of fact you can do that on anybody

I think it can be counterproductive to demand such black and white standards (100% alpha or 100% beta). For me, the assessment is mainly based on a general intuition, and I consider him firmly in the red pill/alpha camp way moreso than the opposite

In fact, after probably having watched hundreds of different youtubers over the years, the only other time I remember getting this strong intuitive hunch about a man knowing and having internalized game on a deep subconscious level, is when I watched roosh videos (and Trump - kinda - but he doesn’t really count as a yt personality).
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