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The Pewdiepie appreciation thread
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RE: The Pewdiepie appreciation thread
(05-25-2018 08:57 PM)Leonard D Neubache Wrote:  What can I tell as a father except this.

Pewdiepie is the guy almost solely responsible for every male aged 10-18 in the West who now thinks feminism and "respekting wammens" is a joke. He routinely bashes "soy" and lambastes political correctness at most every opportunity.

Is he going to lead the next war for independence? No. But he's doing a damn good job of keeping 60 million mental slates clean and ready for something a bit more meaty. And you can tell it's hurting the establishment badly because despite his message being fairly tame he's still on the black-list for demonetization while guys like Jordan Peterson are raking cash in hand over fist.

Take him for what he's worth.

You get it sir.

[Image: clap.gif]

(05-25-2018 10:26 PM)questor70 Wrote:  
(05-25-2018 01:59 PM)Rhyme or Reason Wrote:  I'm oh so sick of the "But he redpills the normies!" argument.
I don't care. Dudes a faggot.

The fact of the matter is that Pew never would have veered into red-pill territory had he not fallen into the noose of the PC police. Now I think he exploits red pill talking points purely as a way to maintain an audience, since he's lost the SJW-sympathetic crowd.

Once he knows he's got a schtick that works, then he'll run it into the ground to max out his audience, just as he did before with the let's play idiocy. This will make it seem like he's more extreme in his red-pill than he really is, since it's just a circus-act.

This emphasis on attention-whoring makes him similar to a lot of female tradcon youtube celebs. They say what they say not so much due to personal conviction, but to bring in the hits and fluff up their sense of self-importance.

‘A/B testing, Attention-whoring, circus-act, shtick, ..’

Yeah because that has absolutely nothing to do with game

You are too cynical my man

Plausible deniability, mystery, unpredictability -> pussy gets wet
Being serious/boring -> pussy dries up

Yeah he is running a business and likely doesn’t give a shit about influencing men positively. Great. Being an egotistical, selfish bastard, women love it

Anyway here’s a serious vid by him

(05-26-2018 01:02 AM)wi30 Wrote:  What's the over/under Rudideviz is actually pewdipie?

Irrelevant, the matter of fact is that roosh has created a global influencer monster and he should be proud af
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