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The Pewdiepie appreciation thread
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RE: The Pewdiepie appreciation thread
(05-25-2018 08:57 PM)Leonard D Neubache Wrote:  What can I tell as a father except this.

Pewdiepie is the guy almost solely responsible for every male aged 10-18 in the West who now thinks feminism and "respekting wammens" is a joke. He routinely bashes "soy" and lambastes political correctness at most every opportunity.

Is he going to lead the next war for independence? No. But he's doing a damn good job of keeping 60 million mental slates clean and ready for something a bit more meaty. And you can tell it's hurting the establishment badly because despite his message being fairly tame he's still on the black-list for demonetization while guys like Jordan Peterson are raking cash in hand over fist.

Take him for what he's worth.


Good going Pewds. Da Man.
05-30-2018 09:00 PM
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