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The Pewdiepie appreciation thread
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RE: The Pewdiepie appreciation thread
(05-28-2019 02:28 PM)beta_plus Wrote:  A guy on youtube did some data analytics to show that YouTube does suppress original content makers like PewDiePie for the corporate media.

He did great work. One big takeaway is that they focus most of their suppression on the USA.

I watched this video yesterday where he exposed the mainstream media/youtube censorship of his content. Then I read the comments on the video.

Not a single one was related to this pretty blatant suppression of his "controversial" content which is for the most part pretty benign and even politically correct. Perhaps something has popped up today, but out of the millions of views, not a single person had a deeper thought than trying to meme about the fact that his news "persona" was a person named Mary Ham instead of Gloria Borger or whatever. You would think that at least his fans would register this attack on one of their favorite entertainers.

I know everyone has all these high hopes about "Gen Z" being redpilled and based but as a Gen Z I can tell you 90% of that is wishful bullshit. Most of us have been spit out by the public school system and are perfectly in line with SJW media on homosexuality and sexual ethics and all of the cancer permeating relationships today. Those of us who truly escape and can see deeper than the whole Trump is racist and it's ok to be gay narrative are few and far between.

You'll find a lot more losers who are sympathetic to Bernie and his antifa ilk than guys with a modicum of self-reflection and wider view and purpose. Most outside of the small group at my engineering college are slaves to porn, vaping, and a party lifestyle while working entry-level jobs. And the engineers are all pretty woke and more annoying in ways, they would never challenge any part of the system. Part of this could be the ignorance of our youth but the picture is not pretty when I look around at people my age.
05-28-2019 03:24 PM
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