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Jammed finger/Trigger Finger
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RE: Jammed finger/Trigger Finger
Thanks for all the valuable information and replies I have received. Just a quick update. I have been travelling fairly intensely so my diet, workout schedule and sleep patterns have been thrown to the wind. The jammed index finger has somewhat improved. However I cannot fully straighten the finger or curl the finger to touch the palm of my hand. It still feels very stiff but I would say there is a mild improvement.

My take is rest and doing as minimal stress to the finger as possible will help in the recovery. I will continue to ice, wrap and use heat to try to alleviate the swelling. It has been now exactly 4 months since the injury and I would say it's far from even 50% better.

I do feel this might be a nagging injury for sometime but will continue to follow doctors advice and the information you all have provided.

Thanks again for the help....and I will keep this thread updated hopefully as this nagging injury progresses.
08-05-2018 08:01 AM
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