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Why is sales so hard?
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RE: Why is sales so hard?
Sales is hard to the extent you haven't understood the psychology of your intended market. Sales is hard if you haven't identified a person's needs and fears: you need to acknowledge and allay their fears while indicating (through evidence or their first-hand experience) you can address their needs. Sales is as hard as game, or as easy as game, depending on how you approach either one.

Particularly with your comments in the second half of your post, I think you're confusing your own bias, or perceptions of people's buying behaviors, with how the VAST majority of people operate.

Yes, you could potentially find a small group of people who love to spend money, without knowing you, who don't mind being 'sold at', and are happy to pay a commission. Through my experience being in business a fairly long time, that's a VERY small group. It's not one a sane business person aims for, not if you want stable and predictable growth.

It's naive to think everyone is like you - they're not. Most people (a majority) are conservative with their resources. Occasional indulgences with a majority of measured financial decisions. There are people who have no impulse control and throw money away but those people can be very demanding customers who end up creating more problems. You have a child in an adult's body with a credit card - like regret rape, purchase regret happens too often when people don't consider the impact of their buying decisions. Heard of charge-backs, repossession, bankruptcy?

Look into concept of the law of diffusion of innovation. This TED talk uses it as an example as to why some companies enjoy more acceptance and success than others. Adopting a more 'why'-based than 'what or how'-based sales approach has also increased acceptance in my market, and willingness for people to buy what I'm selling - because they know WHY it matters and from trusted testimonials (or their first-hand experience) they have confidence that I'm a trust-worthy person with a track-record of meeting many previous customer's needs.

'Start With Why' - how great leaders inspire action - Simon Sinek

I also make what I do aspirational, so not everyone can afford it but everyone would want it. I cultivate an aura of exclusivity and desirability around my product, while giving free information and educating my audience (which includes potential customers). In this way, it's more like Gary V's concept of 'jab jab jab right hook' where you give give give then make an ask. I was doing this before I knew about Gary V, because I realized that customers needed time to research, ask around, call other vendors, then come back and see I had a superior product / service. I had risen to the top in their mind, not because I was saying "I'm the best" but because everyone else was. They had PRE-SELECTED me as being the most desirable option.

That often means I don't do 'hard sales,' but I offer some time for free to answer basic questions. If they want to know more (and if I've done my work well, many will be curious to know more), I point them to FAQs, blog posts, testimonials from customers on various forums, and Youtube videos I've made so they can answer more questions. They can then contact me again after doing more research. I want WELL-INFORMED customers, because then I don't waste time trying to sell them - they WANT what I'm offering. I can also charge more (which I've been dong for a few years now) relative to similar (but lower quality) products on the market. They KNOW they're getting THE BEST and they are comfortable paying for that. I've helped them make the case IN THEIR OWN MIND why they need to work with me and buy from me.

My time and experience are valuable, and people need to compensate me for my direct engagement beyond some initial questions. Think high-end personal trainers, lawyers, business consultants, elite performance coaches - people who can charge handsomely for seats at a conference and you'll pay that price to absorb what they know. A big part of effective sales is branding yourself without acting like you're branding yourself. I guess you could relate it to the game idea of indirect proof, taking a new girl to a restaurant where the staff knows you.

There are levels involved in establishing trust, which creates a willingness for someone to 'buy into' what you're selling, whether an idea, a product, or service. If you give them a compelling reason as to why they need what you're offering, they are far more likely to buy it. Some people also need to take time with a decision so higher-pressure, 'in your face sales' is a miserable failure here and why many sales people get a bad rap. That's why you follow up with people days, weeks, or months later. This comes from observing human nature and seeing that everyone has a different decision-making process. In the same way you don't want a woman to claim regret rape the next day, you don't want a customer demanding a refund after a hasty purchase. I've seen this happen with men who DIDN'T talk with their wives (in cases where the guy is beta, which happens far too often). In many cases, you need to get the woman's buy-in if she's not the primary user or recipient of the item or service.

Source: more than a decade running my own business, doing sales & marketing, with face-to-face / electronic / convention-based customer engagement.

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