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Built to Fade is Built to Like.
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RE: Built to Fade is Built to Like.
Been think about this and the awful, inescapable truth hit me today.

Built to Fade (BtF) has been teaching us a lesson in GAME. All the elements are there and he's done this purely through the use forum mechanisms. It's been a schooling unlike any other. Roosh? Kauser? Rollo? These guys are noobish amateurs compared to our friend BtF.

Lets break it down:

Approach and Abundance Mentality

BtF starts liking posts. Now imagine every 'Like' is a direct approach -- he walks over and says "Hi there, just had to come over say hello. Thought what you wrote was cool." But just when we think we're the only ones to be singled out for his attention we realise that we're not the only ones he's approaching.

BtF makes hundreds and hundreds of approaches. He plays the numbers game. He knows there's a never ending supply of girls... Er, I mean posts.


But he doesn't like EVERY post. He chooses very specifically which posts to like and which to ignore. As a community we realise that there's some criterion at work; a rating system perhaps?

When asked he responds:

I'm a simple man. If I like your post, I will click the "like" button, usually within reason.

He chooses who he likes and who he doesnt. He qualifies us, makes us work for the likes.


Amongst all the 'Liking' (approaches) he makes some infrequent posts himself. All his posts are good quality revealing mysterious aspects of himself. He shows himself well versed in esoteric subjects such as knowledge of the bible, anime etc. He peacocks by using a plethora of GIFs and multi-coloured fonts.

He posts just enough to show quality but not so much to lose mystery.

ShitTest and TakeAway

On the 2/11 Syberpunk posts this thread. This is the first serious challenge to BtF's frame. He calls out BtF for all his 'Liking'. BtF now has to respond to this; what can he do to maintain frame?

BtF reacts with the classic takeaway. He basically leaves the room. We know that he's still active but he doesn't acknowledge this thread.

The RVF hamster goes crazy. We see over 3 pages of comments questioning why we're being ignored. There's even offers of rep points to get him back.

The Alpha and the Beta

Yesterday, a new player entered the scene. A 'like troll' calling himself 'Built too Fade' began impersonating the hero of our tale. He tried to copy the same things that BtF did but somehow we all sensed that it wasn't the same. Unconciously we knew that BtF was clearly superior to BtooF.

'Built too Fade' is the proverbial beta orbiter. He approaces but the quality just isn't there. Can we prove this? Sure. BtF AMOG's him with wit and style when he writes:

Lastly, I'm disappointed with that imposter. They didn't even like every post in the appreciation thread. I give a 2/10 rating for that alone.

TL;DR Built to Fade is an Apha male and the RVF community is his bitch.

All LMR is done with, it's a done deal. The only question that remains is when will the bang happen.

And most importantly: will he LTR or Pump and Dump?

Treat any relationship like you're Bill Murray in 'Ground Hog's Day'
11-09-2018 07:09 AM
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