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Indian man gets his pick of 30 women
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RE: Indian man gets his pick of 30 women
(11-23-2018 03:51 AM)LexisNexis Wrote:  
(11-23-2018 12:11 AM)Sgt Donger Wrote:  Why is there so much talk about Indian guys on this forum?

Sadly it is because Indian men at current are the lowest SMV group (on average)

Thread of Indian men doing X = implicit interest and discussion on how such behaviours/action/qualities might fulfill the above fact

Thread of Indian man getting X success with women = implicit interest in how this might contravene the above fact (edit: this thread is an example)

Thread about Indian men and game = endless words, posts, pages on dealing with the tough reality of the above fact


Yes even incel forums seem to have a huge minority (approaching majority at times) of Indian men living in the west.

Indian culture is such where, except for the mega brothels, sex before marriage almost never happens and Indian men are taught to be extreme betas (or too hyper-masculine to end result of committing sexual crimes within India and abroad).

Then there's the problem of online pornography. Online pornography features predominately white women and some East Asian women (and very few South Asian women). So this brainwashes Indian men into not wanting their own women anymore so they go abroad on sex trips (much like Turkish men).
11-23-2018 05:15 AM
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