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Indian man gets his pick of 30 women
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RE: Indian man gets his pick of 30 women
^Yeah there's a big reason why most of the Indian incels on the web come from America and not from Britain, Aus, Canada, or even India itself.

The US gets a lot of lower-middle class South Indian engineers on H1Bs. These are some of the nerdiest people in India. If we're being honest they're not one of the most attractive sub categories of Indians either. They're like aspie white liberals in Portland or fat trailer park southerners -- i.e a very specific group of people.

India has a billion people, but it also has a couple hundred million different subcultures. The kinds of Indians in the US are one group out of hundreds of millions.

I actually have met the guy in the video before. He's a nice dude but yeah, definitely not in the top 2% of Indian genetics.

Inspiring to see the How Can She Slap guy pull himself up from that video. It's still one of the funniest things on the internet.
11-26-2018 02:37 AM
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