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Indian man gets his pick of 30 women
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RE: Indian man gets his pick of 30 women
I remember that slap video lol.

The recent posts though, like any it devolves into the dating struggle....

White girls most of the times do not give a flying fuck about the skin tone of an Indian guy, you're Indian to them no matter what. I know how so many Indian guys want to pass for Mediterranean or Latino, its makes me cringe. By my own observations I see far more darker Indian guys killing it out there than I see the lighter skin ones anyways.

You have this struggle because of the mismatch between what western women want and what most Indian men are. European women are more receptive towards the intelligent conversations and talking past one sentence, western women are living for one ADHD fueled dopamine rush after another. It is just a bad match on a group level but on an person level a lot can be done to off-set it.

The whole intellectual and brainy vibe does not sit well with the kinds of women who want buff guys that give one word answers and play dumb. Most Indian men and the kinds of Stacies they want are worlds apart, that is why you see the mismatch.
11-26-2018 03:18 PM
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