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Indian man gets his pick of 30 women
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RE: Indian man gets his pick of 30 women
(11-26-2018 02:58 AM)Graft Wrote:  A few things I've noticed about Indian guys gaming white girls in the west:

1. India is a multiracial country. There are plenty of Indian guys with a Persian/Mediterranean look like the guy in the above post. Obviously there is much less of a racial disadvantage if you have the features of Ravi Bhatia vs Aziz Ansari.

2. If they have darker features, they're probably SOL with cold gaming 7+ homegrown white American girls. There is not enough positive representation in American media like there are with blacks. If an Indian guy gets a white American girl, it's usually a SJW who wants to get her minority brownie points, not the traditional woman this forum looks for. Similarly, there doesn't seem to be as much prejudice against Indians with European/foreign women. If a darker Indian guy wants to game white girls, best bet is to move to NYC and game FOB european women, where there is a slight exotic factor without the negative stereotypes.

3. The best bet for Indian guys is integrating with white American bro types, this eases a white girl's built-in negative perception about Desis. If a Desi guy doesn't have this social circle, it amplifies his minority meter to an unacceptable level for a white girl. He goes from "cool darker guy" to "strange foreigner." If they can pull from a social situation like this, show the social proof of having cool white friends, that's the best chance to beat out all the white chads on her phone. Otherwise, if a white American girl has 8+ white options on her phone, she'd be hard-pressed to choose an Indian guy without Persian features unless she has that fetish.

In big cities educated american white women have had exposure to americanized indian people. So cold gaming can yield results. He has to bring some other attributes to the table with status, but cold game is reasonably achievable and I've seen it done. Going out with white people or white guys as wings def helps a lot.
11-27-2018 11:26 AM
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