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Indian man gets his pick of 30 women
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RE: Indian man gets his pick of 30 women
(11-28-2018 07:04 PM)AneroidOcean Wrote:  
(11-28-2018 05:29 PM)Laconian Wrote:  
(11-28-2018 03:23 PM)TutorGuina Wrote:  At what moment her ass appear? I want to evaluate your opinion but no way I'm watching all of that

I scrolled through her instagram in search of tits & ass. Just found a couple of pics in jeans. Looks pretty thick and decent considering that she's been on the road for so long. Also one pic in leggings somewhere there but not with ass.

Girl's a natural looker no question about it. Not my problem the fellas up above have Tito Ortiz's taste in women. To each his own.

Bruh, come on.

Here's a picture of her looking "thick." It's called LAYERS.

Here's a picture showing pretty clearly she ain't thick at all.

Here's some tight fitting snow pants on her and you can see she ain't thick and she ain't got much if any of an ass.

Longjohns and baggyish jeans, no plump rump to be seen.

You're telling us this very cute, MAYBE pretty chick with flat ass and flat chest is not only younger looking but also looks better than most women you've seen Dan Bilzerian with? More natural looking sure absolutely, but younger AND better looking?

I could prefer flat tit and flat assed chicks and I'd still find far more attractive and younger looking girls in Dan Bilzerian's harem than her.

This girl is 27!

I'm not a Dan Bilzerian fan nor a fan of fake tits/asses but damn dude, kaotic's GIF is spot on for you:

3rd picture in on his instagram and she's not only younger but far more attractive.



Oh here you go, found him with a real old chick

Listen I'm a huge fan of natural, unfiltered, untouched beauty. In her vlog, Eva Zu Beck shows herself in every form of lighting, at every angle, with little to no makeup, no filters and no plastic surgery. And despite that she still manages to be a 7.5 on a bad day.

I'm genuinely surprised she's 27. I was thinking 25 tops.

The "Bilzerian girls" you posted look like ratchet blacksonblondes porn whores. Fake tits, fake lips, tats, a shitload of makeup and lardosis to accentuate the ass.

That first woman ("3rd picture in on his instagram and she's not only younger but far more attractive") doesn't even look human she's been photoshopped so much. Come on, man. Every picture on Bilzerian's IG is chopped, angled and filtered to perfection.

And since you took the time to go through Zu Beck's IG in search of tits & ass, I decided to go through her videos.

In this video ( she's shamelessly showing her tits for about 20 seconds. They look like nice, natural perky B cups. I'd take those over any fake bolt ons any day of the week.

As for her ass, practically any woman's ass would look like shit in that unflattering skiing pose. Resting on her left leg, she isn't even trying to accentuate her ass for the camera.

I scanned most of her vids and could only find this one ( From 1:27 to 1:30 you can clearly see she's looking curvy this year. Shapely hips, ass and calves. The thickness of a woman's calves is a great indication of ass thickness. That's why I fucking LOL when I see all those IG "fitness" thots with huge wasp asses and Jon Jones calves, claiming to be all about the squatting life when in fact they're all about the nasty ass implant life.

That's enough from me on this topic. I've said everything I had to say. I'm genuinely surprised that so many men seem to have the taste of Tito Ortiz (gods bless his poor sons). Then they moan about their dumb, ratchet thots not being loyal.

If I had to pick between Bilzerian's thots and Eva Zu Beck. Zu Beck every time until she hits the wall and her glow dissipates. Or until the munchkin man acquires Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew's taste for the finer things in life.
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11-28-2018 08:03 PM
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