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Indian man gets his pick of 30 women
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RE: Indian man gets his pick of 30 women
^ This was actually good. Probably showed which guys have game since the girl and the guys never saw eachother through the interaction process.

My amateur analysis on this:

There was the 'twerk' comment guy who has been in these videos before and was pulling the clown game. He is not a bad loooking dude and seems to have game but he overdid it and did not seem sincere at all. So the girl rejected him.

There was the Christian guy who hung on for a bit but his vibe was off and he seemed too much into religion.

The last part with the three remaining guys was interesting. The Latino guy seemed to be a good long term match for her but he came off as a strong provider and she is only 18. He did not communicate fun and adventure to her.

The military dude seemed to be adventurous but talked too much about flying and becoming a pilot. His balance was just a little off.

The last dude ticked all the boxes. He showed he is fun, talking about meme game. Even though his education was all over the place (acting and political science) and his aspiration of becoming President seemed over the top, his style communicated that he thinks big. In the question round, he also asked the girl about her toughest time, a deep and sort depressing question, which is usually never advised to do on this forum when out on a date as things are supposed to be kept light. But, with that question he differentiated himself and triggered some introspection in her.

In the end it can also be that he was just trolling throughout as he already had a girlfriend. That can be a reason why he seemed way more relaxed, was not trying hard and was just enjoying himself.

It can also be that, in the end, he just didn't find her attractive (She seems a 6) and came up with a lie on the spot. However, the comments do mention he actually has a girlfriend.

Overall, this video also shows how pathetic and awkward the social interactions of Milennials have become.Game still wins but playing it on younger millennials , it seems an arduous and soul sucking process and that too just to impress a 6.
01-01-2019 02:20 PM
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