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Texas court overrules father and forces sex change on 7-year-old boy (updated title)
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RE: Mom Says 6-Year-Old Son Is Transgender. Dad Disagrees. Now He Might Lose His Son.
(10-22-2019 08:37 PM)Laner Wrote:  I tried my best to stay out of this thread. I tried to not even look at it if it came across my news feed. But I can't. I knew it would make me sick. But I still could not.

The whole time I read this thread my fight/flight response was pinned to 11. My eyes darted across the page like a crackhead. I wanted to read on the next post that he had taken his biological kids and fled. I can't stand to think that if my flight response is at that point, how can he remain in this situation? His son's life depends on this.

This, a thousand times.

It pays to remember that lots of people are tortured and killed on a daily basis and that this particular suffering pales in comparison but on the same level there's something far worse about witnessing a lesser atrocity in slow motion than something ten times worse passing at normal speed.

God demands of Man responsibility. God demands of Woman vulnerability. These are their curse and blessing alike. Libertianism is to Man as Feminism is to Woman.
10-22-2019 10:57 PM
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