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Texas court overrules father and forces sex change on 7-year-old boy (updated title)
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RE: Texas court overrules father and forces sex change on 7-year-old boy (updated title)
This is horrible. The boy is an innocent victim of the war waged by the mom against the dad. She clearly does not want the boy to form a close bond with the father so she created and instill this crazy transgender fairytale. It’s horrifying that someone can go to this extent to try to hurt another and achieve her selfish agenda.

And a further rant on transgenders. Did you guys know that Medicare pays for gender reassignment surgeries. These surgeries often cost more than $30,000 and are paid by the tax payers. And who are these patients? Often they are prostitutes, from broken families. They have much bigger issues in their lives than gender dysphoria. Most of these patient are lost to follow up after surgery. Some commit suicide anyways, some die of hiv.

Yes, being born in a body that you don’t like sucks. Sucks big time. But a large percentage of these transgenders are just going through a tough time like anyone else growing up. We all have our specific “void” that needs and wants and could never be filled. In this cases chopping off the penis and creating a vagina allow these guys to have their void filled by hundreds of unsuspecting men from night clubs.

The whole field of gender identity is whacked. You are dealing with irreversible damage to a child’s body but there is a huge financial motivation behind the psychiatrist, the surgeons involved. Especially being it’s covered by Medicare. If these psychiatrists blow off most of these patients like they should, their practice would shriveled into nothing.

This is just completely insane. Why can’t puny ugly guys who feel slighted, rejected, and suicidal have Medicare pay for their steroid/GH, and plastic surgery?

I am even hearing college student now would sneak off to get estrogen injection, chemical castration just because they are feeling confused, depressed, had a bad semester.

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10-23-2019 03:44 PM
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