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The RVF worst-case-scenario survival/preparedness thread.
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RE: The RVF worst-case-scenario survival/preparedness thread.
Great thread. I've long been in the habit of buying a few extra tins of beans etc. and storing them in the garage next to the weights rack. With Brexit due in less than 3 months, and the Remainer-controlled media going into 'Project Fear' overdrive I might step up the stockpiling a tad just in case;

'Brexit no deal could spark RIOTS over food shortage – police call for extra security
POLICE chiefs are calling for extra security at high street stores amid fears a no deal Brexit could cause riots over food shortages.

Officials in the Metropolitan Police have advised shops to ramp up security “to minimise demands on policing.” Supermarkets could see an influx in customers panic buying if Britain leaves the EU without a deal causing disruption at ports, it is feared. A Metropolitan Police spokesperson told Politico: “In line with similar advice given at a national level to the retail industry, we are suggesting to retailers that they may wish to consider planning for additional security in the event that concerns about shortages of goods leads to a significant increase in customers.”

Since the morning of the referendum result I've been of the opinion that 'if' an actual Brexit occurs, the powers-that-be will spitefully ensure that the aftermath is as painful and traumatic as possible to teach us plebs a lesson and cause a further 'rectifying' referendum a few years later.

There was a fuel strike just a few years ago in the UK and I was amazed how quickly things went south. I've been buying extra (and rotating) ever since. The strike only lasted a few days but there were no deliveries to shops and supermarkets and friends and family were legitimately running short of milk and bread and essentials and couldn't replace them. Everything is so finely balanced now with deliveries to supermarkets.

Just read this timeline;

'Countdown to crisis: Eight days that shook Britain'
'Food rationing returns to Britain as panic buying shifts to supermarkets. Some shops are bare of bread and milk.

The NHS is put on red alert - which means at a moment's notice, all hospitals must be ready to cancel all but emergency cases.

MTD: Royal Hull Hospital runs out of stitches for use in operations.'

I was a new father at the time with a small baby and this little episode scared the shit out of me and has stuck in my consciousness ever since. It's one thing not being able to feed yourself, but suddenly being unable to feed your baby ....

‘After you’ve got two eye-witness accounts, following an automobile accident, you begin
To worry about history’ – Tim Allen
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