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The RVF worst-case-scenario survival/preparedness thread.
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RE: The RVF worst-case-scenario survival/preparedness thread.
(01-11-2019 11:31 AM)Leonard D Neubache Wrote:  Regarding living a terrible life not being worth it, every one of us have ancestors that struggled through unimaginably shit times.

True, our ancestors did that.

However at that time it was just the normal way of things to have a hard life and struggle your whole life so that maybe your children's life would be better than yours was.
Since that time 2 things happened :

1. Our recent ancestors basically said fuck it, we're going to stay kids our whole life, reject any kind of responsibility and accept debt on a national level to finance our lifestyle - our children will surely be able to pay it off for us eventually. Or maybe not but it won't be our problem anymore.
Now I don't know whether that was a conscious decision on their part or if someone tricked them into doing it, but in any case it happened.

2. Once this decision was taken well the industry just provided them with the fun they wanted in their life.
And when you have known something good it's hard to accept not having it anymore, harder than if you never experienced it or don't even know it exists.

So yeah, if society collapses even just a bit you can probably say goodbye to the internet, spinning plates, easy shopping, vacations around the world, sports car, you name it ..
Saying it like this sound a bit ridiculous because none of this is really important, but to many people it is their whole life really, so I can only assume it's gonna be difficult for them.

Without giving too many details, my house is in the middle of a small village, headcount in the high 3 figures.
40 and physically capable, no guns of my own (yet) but I can use them and am a good shot, still getting to know my neighbors but most are retirees alas ...

Always wanted a dog but it's complicated when both work.
Once saw a caucasus sheperd when visiting some distant family and totally fell in love with this absolutely ridiculous breed Banana
The guys there said that they were selected so as not require much training when pups, but honestly as a first dog this would be beyond stupid.
01-11-2019 04:02 PM
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