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The RVF worst-case-scenario survival/preparedness thread.
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RE: The RVF worst-case-scenario survival/preparedness thread.
(01-13-2019 01:17 AM)Polniy_Sostav Wrote:  The best is to retreat in some "bunker" below your home in a little village of 30 people or so ( 5-6 families at most , having all of them worked together).
It is a bit like in Stargate SG1 where there is a population having a fake life on surface but living underground.

While it is almost impossible to build a solid bunker without help of professionals and spending big money , it has to start with underground. The most valuable is to have a source of water , big stocks of water. I would also have big stocks of toilet paper , cleaning stuff & batteries.

A few books can help too.

As I do not owe any flat/house , I have bought a couple of mechanical mag-lites (no batterie) , basic walkie-talkie. Interestingly , my kids know where the mag lites are (one per room) and as we regularly have powercuts , they have shifted from "I am crying and scared) to "Let me get the light and use it myself". We then meet in the parents room.Particularly proud of the 3 years old who didn't panic.

I think getting ready for nuclear doomsday is just like buying gold and silver. You can do it seriously and at high scale only when you re already rich.
Nevertheless we must all have some sort of plan if things happen fast.

If you are worried about the nuclear scenario it may be wise to consider the price it would cost to have a bunker built versus the price of a penthouse apartment near the beach in one of the more stable southern hemisphere countries. Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Peru, and Uruguay should all be well out of the way of any nuclear bombardments or their fallout.

Penthouses in Pocitos, Montevideo advertise anywhere from 285,000 USD to just under 500,000 USD at the top. In the next barrio over there's some very expensive outliers near the Yacht club that hit seven figures, and if you get further from nice parts of the city price goes down rapidly. Compare the purchase price to the price to construct a long term bunker as well as the quality of life difference between bunkering up and a long distance bugout.

For the record I rent a new construction studio for ~500 USD a month. The ask price for similar units at sale is ~100k USD. Given a little bit of math, I suspect if you negotiate at all 20-40 percent of the advertised price of real estate here is possible. Though I moved here for different reasons, a side effect is I ended up pre-emptively bugging out of the way of nuclear exchanges.

(01-13-2019 12:46 AM)Leonard D Neubache Wrote:  And lastly, because this rarely seems to pop up in these self/home defense articles, if you're concerned about home invasions then fortify your entry points for God's sake. If some scumbags try to get in then you'll be much happier for listening to them pound the door impotently while you call the cops rather than having your life turned upsidown as the coroner wheels two minority corpses out of your home which has now become a possible crime scene.

It is amazing the difference in home security down here versus in old country. Lots of very classy welded metal fencing that's sharp on top, if someone tries climbing they are probably impaling themself. There's also homes with the tops of their fences electrified, but it looks kinda dorky and suspect it's defeatable. Ground level and most second floor potential points of egress have bars. The standard material for building exterior walls is concrete. They do this even with a low baseline rates of crime and... home invasions are very uncommon. Walls work.
01-13-2019 11:22 AM
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