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The RVF worst-case-scenario survival/preparedness thread.
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RE: The RVF worst-case-scenario survival/preparedness thread.
(01-13-2019 11:11 AM)Oberrheiner Wrote:  ...
Any idea on what would make sense here ?
I can't seem to find anything between cheap chinese shit for millenials and full-on off-the-grid solar panel installations for 10 grand Huh

What do you mean with christmas lights, wax candles or LED garlands ?

[Image: 0001187_pure-white-led-solar-powered-lig...string.png]

[Image: LevinSolarCharger6000mAhBatteryUSBc.jpg]

It may be the case that this cheap Chinese crap will not last a full year of use but for the price it will likely help you get through that awkward period of adaptation to the new normal or at least until some kind of order is restored.

As always, larger budgets give better options. I'm presuming low budget or low prioritization because as I said before unless you have good evidence to suggest something catastrophic is really really close you shouldn't be sacrificing your entire life to throw money at stuff that will probably just end up gathering dust in a cupboard somewhere.

(01-13-2019 12:42 PM)Cattle Rustler Wrote:  Preppers are the biggest armchair cucked quarterbacks. Also, they're an easy demographic to sell products to online. Hint hint to all my fellow ecom biz owners. Easy to sell to emotional > logical people, emotional men are no different than women.

I talked about this issue a while back at

Long story short.

(06-20-2016 04:49 AM)Leonard D Neubache Wrote:  The survivalism doomsday preachers are incredibly successful at removing from the board a large number of nationalists that might otherwise push against globalist tyranny.

Again, this is why I advise people not to stop their real world lives and go all in on believing that the tyranny of the globalist elite is simply going to be snuffed out by some kind of collapse, which we're perpetually told is just around the corner.

Cattle Rustler is partially correct. There is a massive number of preppers who simply think they can buy their way out of whatever all encompassing disaster they've been convinced is imminent and inevitable. I wish I'd screencapped the many letters-to-the-editor I read over the years of guys "shedding their golden handcuffs" because the economy was about to completely collapse. Some of these letters are now ten years old so you can imagine how stupid some of these guys must feel. Many of them have probably sold their rural homestead at a massive loss for all the upgrades they made to it in order to survive the end of the world and have moved back to the city to start making the big bucks again.

Some people bought homesteads in the Appalachias on the presumption that their savings would pay the mortgage handily until the banking sector collapsed (any minute now) and they would own the house by default. Most of them have either been evicted by this point or are scrambling to find work in a location where all the odd jobs go to family first and friends of family second.

What these people have in common is that they thought they didn't have to get their hands dirty fighting the oppression of the elites and their useful idiots, and I can't be too critical because I was there for a long time (though I never over-leveraged myself on complete assumption of a timeline for a collapse of order).

Cattle Rustler is correct in that these people are easy marks for selling useless shit to. The ones that have much money anyway. That's why I describe survivalism as an industry now, not a movement.

The ones he's wrong about are the ones who prep because they want to fight the long, hard fight against the oppression of the elites. Sadly they are in the minority I suspect but they're putting their time and money and training into hardening themselves for a future conflict, not a comfy collapse of the old order as viewed from afar.

Those are the people worth listening to because they're not living in a fantasy world. Their world view is being proven correct day after day after day.

Don't plan for a comfy collapse as viewed from afar.

Plan for a swift but steady decline into third world status and everything it infers.

p.s. If you think you can buy a homestead like a life-raft, don't. The first year of owning one is filled with so many trips to the hardware/rural-supply stores they will become your second home. The second year is not much better. By the third you will officially have time to scratch your ass once in a while.

Homesteading is a non-collapse lifestyle choice. Not a viable post-collapse survival option.

God demands of Man responsibility. God demands of Woman vulnerability. These are their curse and blessing alike. Libertianism is to Man as Feminism is to Woman.
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