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The RVF worst-case-scenario survival/preparedness thread.
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RE: The RVF worst-case-scenario survival/preparedness thread.
A few misconceptions about preparedness here!

To start, im in the UK, so any advice I give is primarily useful for those there.

I have a weekend house in the countryside, have being going to that area since I was a child, so I am almost (but not quite) a local. That is where I would head to when SHTF.

I keep the house stocked with 2-4 weeks of canned, long-life type foods (pastas, soups, etc.) and have about 6-12 months of fuel for the fire available.

Obviously not everyone can have a bug out place, but it is a good idea to have stocks of food/water on hand for ANY occurrences. For example, a few years ago, due to something (cant remember what, might have been floods) the local water system was fucked up. Bearing in mind I live in a first world city, emergency supplies of bottled water had to be delivered to the effected areas as shops ran out, and poor people couldn't afford to buy anyway.

My father, knowing people who matter, had a couple of pallets delivered to his garage, he could have been lord of the new world, except the water supply came back on!

This taught me that pretty much no-one had any idea how to survive beyond a day or 2 of extremely slight hardship.

Nowadays, I have made a couple of slight adjustments to improve my survivability, and they aren't that difficult to do.

1. Have a supply of food and water of a minimum of 2 weeks, that's 2 weeks of high energy exercise, not sitting in front of the tv, and get some filters, like a few lifestraws.

2. Have access to reliable and renewable transport. Simply put, get a mountain bike, or if you have a bit of spare cash, an older, simple off-road motorbike. If you are rich, an older Jeep, or Land Rover would be good.

3. Identify a place in the countryside you could relocate to, ideally a place you can spend weekends in making friends with the locals before SHTF.

4. Have a large medical kit. Become a first aider at work, and raid the first aid kits there for the out of date stock, trauma dressings, burn gel, antiseptics, that kind of thing.

Additionally, order some antibiotics and painkillers from an online pharmacy outside the Uk (in the UK you need a doctors permission to get these, you cant just buy them). Just google for one of the pharmacies homos use to get their anti-HIV drugs, they will have broad spectrum powerful antibiotics for sale as well (for the obvious reasons)

5. Get armed. Just a reminder, I live in the UK. A lot of people seem to think you cant own guns in the UK, but you can. And you can get a lot more than you think, its just the waiting period is a year or more for a licence to actually own firearms. My part of the UK allows handguns also. I have a .45 1911, a 9mm Sig, and a .22 walther. In addition to that, and these are legal anywhere in the Uk, I have a Remington 700 bolt action, and an AR15 pattern .22. My .22 rifle is identical looking to any 5.56 AR15 (standard mags, fullsize ejection port, aimpoint scope and a foregrip). Some feral youths from the local council estate with a sawn-off and a couple of kitchen knifes would shit themselves when they see it! You can also get a AR15 in 5.56mm (or any other calibre, like .300blackout) with a straight pull ejection. That's basically a fast bolt action.

Additionally, I have a bow and crossbow. Its well worth investing in a good bow, its a good workout using it too!

Also, use technology, and protect it against failure (emp/sunspots/grid failure). Get an old smartphone/tablet/kindle. Save a copy of Wikipedia, world maps, various textbooks (medical, agriculture, hunting etc) on them. Get some solar usb chargers to keep them running. Now get an old microwave, throw them in, close the door, and voila they are emp shielded.

Finally, have friends, male friends. Guys tend to have the weirdest, and most unlikely hobbies, which may be useful. I have a friend who is superfit from climbing mountains, and in his spare time makes wood furniture, sheds etc. And he also does metalwork, i.e. can forge swords.

Most importantly, don't fret about the end of the world. Just make some simple changes, or take up some useful hobbies that you enjoy, and you will be more prepared than 99.9% of people out there.
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