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The RVF worst-case-scenario survival/preparedness thread.
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RE: The RVF worst-case-scenario survival/preparedness thread.
So I was re-organising some shooting related stuff and digging through my old ammo storage unit which was basically a re-purposed bar fridge with a latch riveted to it.

In poor form I've mostly been using the ammo I bought last since the old stuff took some digging to get to, however during the course of examining it all I realized it was an interesting case study (no pun intended) on my storage technique and how the factory packaging fared over time.

Without going into details the ammo was aged between 5 and 2 years from the date of purchase.

.22lr ammo in 500 round boxes that weren't individually packaged in 10x50 round boxes fared the worst. Having said that, there was only one partially used box that was ugly to the point that I'd hesitate to use the ammo. I decided to sort through it to get rid of the really ugly rounds. They looked something like this:

[Image: 11ru4j4.jpg]

I tested one taking reasonable precautions and it still went bang like the rest so I put the uglies in a ziplock bag for a last, last, last, last resort option.

As a side note I'd had the foresight to put several of these 500 round boxes in ziplock bags before I stored them and it made a noticeable improvement in the outcome.

.22lr ammo in 50 round boxes stored either in bricks of 10 boxes or individually were pretty much fine. Not quite as shiny as brand new but nothing you'd ask a refund for if you paid full price. Oddly their cardboard protection seemed to trump even the ziplocked 500 round boxes mentioned previously. I highly recommend paying the extra for the individual packaging, in particular because it allows for better trade practices if ammunition ever becomes a more commonly accepted form of currency.

The shotgun shells were equivalent to the unziplocked 500 round 22lr boxes. Not brand-new-pretty but perfectly functional. I would ziplock them as well in future and probably add a desiccant sachet if I could be bothered.

I had a bunch of primers that were at least 4 years old and they looked factory fresh. Not tested though.

I had some steel cased .223 in cheap cardboard packaging that I expected to show signs of rust but they were also factory fresh. They might have a protective lacquer coating but I didn't think to check before I put them away. They are also as yet untested.

.308 in 20 round cardboard packaging was fine. A little dull in shine but still went bang.

The first box I pulled out was that manky box of 22lr so I was obviously a little worried but the rest was pretty much ok. I can recommend re-purposing a bar fridge particularly if you're not storing the ammo inside of your house but it's not a panacea for ammo degradation by itself. Ziplock bags definitely made a difference but smaller overall packaging oddly seemed to be the main factor. Probably the main issue with the loose-round boxes is cases coming into contact with lead or the wax covering on the slugs and subsequent 'hot spots' for even minimal amounts of moisture to build but that's just my best guess.

The moral of the story is: well-sealed-vault>good-packaging>ziplock-bags

As an aside I found a baggie of 22lr+dry dirt and bark chips where I'd dropped a box and had to hastily scoop up the rounds along with everything else that came with them. It had fallen to the back of the bar-fridge behind another box and I'd forgotten all about it. Amazingly they were in better condition than the manky box.

Granted this unexpected experiment only lasted 2-5 years which is trivial in the lifespan of correctly stored ammunition but it pays to remember to extrapolate those results out for additional time if you're planning on potentially storing the stuff for a decade or more. The 500 loose round boxes that were functional but dull would have probably ended up like the manky box in another 2-5 years.

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