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The RVF worst-case-scenario survival/preparedness thread.
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RE: The RVF worst-case-scenario survival/preparedness thread.
(02-12-2019 07:25 AM)Handsome Creepy Eel Wrote:  
(02-08-2019 10:14 AM)Oberrheiner Wrote:  Wouldn't a headshot at 20 yards be fatal even with 22lr ?

Wouldn't a headshot at any distance be fatal regardless of ammunition?

I used to think this but statistically something like 50% of shots to the head are not fatal (I suspect that statistic excluded BBs Laugh)

From the front most shots below the eyes are not going to hit anything especially vital except perhaps the spine. From the side that's anything below the ears. There's a chance the bullet deviates into the brain but that's just luck. Shots to the head for man and beast need to be focused on the brain rather than the head itself. Even then the 22lr is not exactly a sure thing. Think of the skull like the armor on a tank. A lesser round combined with a glancing shot at the side can result in an ugly flesh wound rather than a penetrating shot.

In any case making a head shot under life or death duress at anything other than a stationary target is going to be in the realms of special forces training. More experienced men than me suggest upper body shots for unarmored targets and waist/head for guys with kevlar or plate carriers. If you foresee a future where you have to use a gun for self defense then leave the rabbit gun for rabbits and get yourself a 12 gauge shotgun, assuming you're not allowed to own a centerfire rifle.

All in all for all the Hollywood glamour headshots are a bit overrated. Most hunters aim for shot that will make a mess of the lungs, heart and any other organ which leads to immediate loss of mobility and motor control. Ideally the first hit will be before the creature in question is aware of the danger since adrenaline can carry an animal a long way when it's functionally dead on its feet. Humans on certain drugs/adrenaline are also notably difficult to take down for this reason. There is minimal testing to determine the results of hunting animals which are under the effect of drugs, though. So if you find yourself in that scenario then maybe a shot to the head would be preferable.

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02-12-2019 07:46 AM
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