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The RVF worst-case-scenario survival/preparedness thread.
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RE: The RVF worst-case-scenario survival/preparedness thread.
I agree with the idea of keeping a bug out bag or two, and also with the notion that long term living from your bug out bag is foolish and utterly unrealistic. That said, people are wondering about the longer haul during bad times.

A few thoughts on worst case scenarios, beyond the bug out bag:

1) As mentioned earlier, barring massive and repeated solar flares or complete destruction of the power grid world wide, the end of times is much more likely to be from a series of events rather than one big shock which sends us back into the stone age. The gradual piling on of massive social cultural insanity, bit by bit, will cause more permanent damage to modern civilization than one volcano or tsunami ever could. Consider the compound effects of 57 genders, 11 year old drag queens, deprecation of the military and massive inflows of cost ineffective 3rd world migrants into the first world as just a few examples. Rome wasn't built in a day, but it also took longer than that to fall - with plenty of warning.

2) Contrary to what people think, major world economies are not out of the woods yet. The debt to GDP ratio in the US alone is positively staggering and hyperinflation (not a mere recession) could be just a few bank moves away. No, we cannot grow our way out of this and even Trump can't stop it. The best non-gold bug, non bitcoin-preaching book on the subject is here.

3) That said, even if hyperinflation were to occur the immediate effects would not be a permanent shift into Mad Max territory. The initial shock would probably go on for a couple of months before governments found a way to cobble some of it back together, in spite of massive political upheaval and unpopular changes to handout schemes. But it would be difficult for a while just to function the way anyone urban and under 30 years old could ever fathom.

4) Given the likelihood that you should only need to endure at most a few months of "prepper" life, setting aside a warehouse full of toilet paper and soap makes even less sense than it did. First, much of what you'll really need is perishable. Second and more importantly, if you had six months or more of supplies in your basement, you run the risk of becoming psychologically attached to your stash, perhaps remaining in the area long past the point where it would be sensible to bug the hell out.

5) On that note, the advice of having multiple avenues of escape is solid. By this I don't mean simply physical routes out of town and places to hang out upcountry. I mean any possible residential alternatives abroad, with friends, family or in communities where you have an opportunity to ride things out and survive a bit easier, at least for a while. It may not be critical to move far away, but it's something to consider.

6) Finally, though you can't go through life in a perpetual state of paranoia, neither should you live a sanguine existence when all signs point to trouble. There are a lot of people who stayed just a bit too long in Rhodesia in 1980 who probably could have left while they had the chance, but they blew things off for whatever reason. Ditto for the place where some of them went - South Africa. Ditto again, for those who stayed in Venezuela once the shelves started going bare and most of the Chavez-loving moron voters didn't change their habits. Need I mention any Jews with means who stuck around Germany even though they had the means to escape after Kristallnacht?

Everyone here should research any possible alternatives and plan them out while there is time. Though it may disgust your instincts, sometimes you need to think a bit like a globalist - keep all your options in mind.

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02-12-2019 04:01 PM
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