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The RVF worst-case-scenario survival/preparedness thread.
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RE: The RVF worst-case-scenario survival/preparedness thread.
(02-12-2019 04:01 PM)SlickyBoy Wrote:  6) Finally, though you can't go through life in a perpetual state of paranoia, neither should you live a sanguine existence when all signs point to trouble. There are a lot of people who stayed just a bit too long in Rhodesia in 1980 who probably could have left while they had the chance, but they blew things off for whatever reason. Ditto for the place where some of them went - South Africa. Ditto again, for those who stayed in Venezuela once the shelves started going bare and most of the Chavez-loving moron voters didn't change their habits. Need I mention any Jews with means who stuck around Germany even though they had the means to escape after Kristallnacht?

Everyone here should research any possible alternatives and plan them out while there is time. Though it may disgust your instincts, sometimes you need to think a bit like a globalist - keep all your options in mind.

Instead of living in a perpetual state of paranoia, there is one way of thinking to incorporate appropriate mindset for survival/prepping in your everyday life. The key question that each of person must ask is the following: what degrees of escalation can handle you handle? Can a person handle the little things before handle bigger situations. Why prepare for the end of world, when you can barely handle day to day living. Start working those degrees before you worry about SHTF situation. Can you run down to the bus in time not miss ride work? If the answer is no, then head to gym to improve your physical condition. Why focus getting bunch of guns, when you don't have good enough everyday carry to handle the little things like opening a package, cutting a sandwich, and wiring a girls number into a notebook.

Personal example, I am prepared for handle a bout of the cold during winter? I walk to medicine cabinet, see if keep any medication that is up to date for the cold. Empty packets on the shelves. Hop into the truck, head to dollar store and stock up on cheap meds to handle 10 days of cold, sleeping pills, and anti-diarrhea meds. I not prepare for full on medical emergency, but can handle the simple things first. In time, I will slowly work up my medical cabinet with appropriate meds and supplies to handle simple things like cold to worse case situation like gunshot wounds.

So what degree of escalation can you handle?
02-13-2019 11:41 PM
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