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The Chinese Invasion of America has Already Begun
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The Chinese Invasion of America has Already Begun
The Terracotta Army was rediscovered in 1974, five years later China instituted their "one child per family" policy. It ended in 2015 but within that time they grew a surplus of 34 million men. The Terracotta Army belonged to the original Chinese emperor, the bloodthirsty tyrant who united all of China under his rule, buried and burned all other literature and scholars besides their own. Finding the Terracotta Army was their new "Mandate from Heaven".

That surplus of men was grown for one reason.

It's already begun. All the "shaming" and gender politics coming out of universities leaving people bewildered.. it's them. China is VERY old. They are the prime subjugators. They are introducing new forms of shame. This country is no longer "protected" by "Christ who forgives". Instead as atheists we've got Freud, who told us the Id is shameful and bad. This is why children are running around scared and shamed. It's why they appear to be stuck in a childlike state.

Chinese are "legalists". They have learned our legal system and our courts and how to tie everything up into a stalemate. This is why there is a housing crisis in California even though the forests in nor cal are massive. There is no more industry, no more logging, no more men. This is by design.

Same thing with education in California. They've also now passed a law in NYC legalizing abortion after 24 weeks. You don't even have to go to a doctor to do it. Abortions already account for 59% of the rate of actual births in NYC.

Look up "Rose Pak" in San Francisco, look up the "Pink Tide" down in South America.

We gave the Chinese access to that which we would NEVER have allowed the Russians, because we've always underestimated them. They know our infrastructure, they know our logistics and distribution. They now own the largest cinema chain in America.

Most are aware of the massive redistribution of wealth from America to China through sabotage and espionage. Nothing is coincidence. All the faulty cheap parts from China over the last couple decades. Sabotage

They've turned our own services against us. Education, media, health and big pharma.

The media's confusion tactics, refusing to typify crime statistics by race or ethnicity.. a simple concealment tactic so the people don't know who their enemies are. This is what happens when monopolies are formed over the distribution of information.

Finding the Terracotta Army was their "Mandate from Heaven".

They now buy our junkyards, our used cars. They have landfills with CARS just stacked up. Just laying there.

Remember they are true atheists. They have no regard for human life. They will invade. It will be in Northern California where we are completely unprotected at this point because of Feinstein getting logging outlawed after Charles Hurwitz's hostile takeover of PALCO in 1985 who introduced "clearcutting" and created a crisis.

But this is global. They're going after the whole thing.

They dump more carbon dioxide into the air than Europe and the U.S. combined. Then introduce shaming tactics so we buy their solar panels, their electric vehicles, and pursue "Green" industry standards. China manufactures and sells more solar panels and electric cars than any other country in the world.

The Terracotta Army was discovered in a cavern three miles across UNDERGROUND.

The Chinese have more discipline than anybody. They have stolen our jet plane designs, they know how to make carriers.

Their shaming tactics are reintroducing shame and fear into our populations. All Western civilizations are experiencing a massive birthing decline. Japan not even that long ago was known as a pretty sexually active country. Now they've got starlets shaving their heads appearing on national television and crying while they apologize for spending a night with their boyfriend. All by Chinese design

Everyone's underestimating them. The Chinese are fearsome. The U.S. Army got sold on this bullshit "combatives" system. As an ex-high school and collegiate wrestler and mma practitioner of 27 years I can assure you it is not that effective.

The Chinese do not fight on the ground. Fighting on the ground leaves you immobile and open to attack. The most successful war fighting program was developed by two British commandos who ended up training the police force in Shanghai during WWII.

The Chinese are here. They've begun with our education systems. But their students have been doing horribly over here. This is the reason for the shaming tactics. To go after the "top dogs" (white cis males), as well as after young men in general. To remove competition by means of sabotage.

A lawyer friend in Humboldt heard a report of an entire truckload of Asian immigrants being carted off a weed farm in Nor Cal. No confirmation, no details on nationality of said illegals. All that weed gets smuggled across the Rockies and the Mississippi into the whole United States. If they were to introduce any sort of pathogen, biological or chemical, that's how they'd do it.
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