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The Chinese Invasion of America has Already Begun
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RE: The Chinese Invasion of America has Already Begun
China has a government that aggressively seeks to develop its industrial base and grow its middle class. It has presided over the greatest increase in wealth in the history of mankind, with nearly half a billion people lifted from third world poverty to first world middle classdom.

[Image: 57c05fe8b996eb0e228b4953-640-552.png]

Their government has aggressively provided the conditions and policies that made this growth possible, presiding over the return of China from a third world communist backwater to the world's greatest economy. China is about to pass the US as the leading economy, and by the middle of the century it will be twice as big an economy as the US.

The West on the other hand is ruled by parasitic cosmopolitan oligarchs who hate the nations they control, and who have been actively involved in stripping their countries' industrial bases. They were behind the industrialization of China. They hate their middle classes and have systematically worked to weaken them through globalist planned deindustrialization and outsourcing (NAFTA, EU, TPP etc), undermining the economic welfare of blue and white collar males, while subverting their social structures with cultural marxism.

China's rulers in contrast actively defend their people from baizuo, which is the Chinese term for (((western))) cultural marxism, clamping down on homoglobo degeneracy.

Trump might be the first major western ruler who is trying to right the ship and set up a national industrial policy, he's got a big task ahead of him.

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