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Do sexy guys really get cold approached by random girls that often?
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RE: Do sexy guys really get cold approached by random girls that often?
Let me tell you a story from my past.

There was a guy I knew. He wasn't particularly tall, but tall enough, dark hair, light eyes, handsome. He didn't hit the gym crazy hard but he would surf a lot and work out regularly enough that with his great genes he would have a real solid v-taper and had an above average sense of style. He wore glasses that fit his face well and did not come across as nerdy but more affluent/wealthy/successful family background.

He wasn't really a friend, but due to circumstance I saw him a lot. We had mutual friends so sometimes I'd be around him clothed on the street, sometimes at the beach shirtless, sometimes at the bar/club on a weekend.

The IOIs and looks were near constant.

Girls I would have to work up the courage to go get shot down by would open him everywhere, not all the time, but regularly. I'm talking walk to the cross-walk, a convertible full of cute to hot girls pulls up and I don't even exist. These girls are openly catcalling him and trying to get him to talk to them.

The only problem he had? Many/most of the vaginas would dry up instantly once he opened his mouth. This was one of the things that drove the point of game home for me. This guy had anti-game. He would open his mouth and say the stupidest shit imaginable. Shit so stupid that you could practically see the girls faces go from adoration/lust/very excited to disgust/extreme disappointment. This is when I truly knew game was so incredibly powerful, because without it even a veritable adonis could turn girl off.

We call him No-Game Chad (Chad not his real name).

People would ask why we called him that. We'd say, "you'll see" and they would look puzzled at you, but soon enough, soon enough they'd see. You could be jealous of him and the attention he got from girls...but only until you witnessed how poor his game was and even the less successful of us would look at him with a little pity.

He still got laid, mind you, some girls would be too drunk or too horny and would use him and toss him to the side...and he didn't mind all that much as he wasn't particularly bright, but it was a complete waste. It was completely lost on him that if he would just learn some game his success would skyrocket, but alas, he still probably remains, No-Game Chad. Most of the women were a couple SMV points below him, sometimes much lower, but some of them were also verifiable smoke-shows.

It's real, it exists, but does it matter? Not really. Work on your health, your wealth, and most importantly, your state of mind, as getting approached by women is still no substitute for having game and your shit together.

Be the guy that women give IOIs to and approach despite not having any particular looks or wealth or anything stand out. Then you'll be that guy that women say to their friends...

"There's just something about him"

Like another poster said, that guy that they'll not only come to and for, but that guy they'll keep coming back to because he has something more, he may even have it all in their minds. Even if they leave, they'll come back to you in their minds...the one that got away.

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02-06-2019 06:49 PM
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