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Do sexy guys really get cold approached by random girls that often?
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RE: Do sexy guys really get cold approached by random girls that often?
(02-07-2019 09:13 AM)jselysianeagle Wrote:  ^ your whining basically boils down to: "Some genetically gifted men have it much easier than me, therefore my life sucks and I shouldn't bother trying". You're looking for excuses to quit.

Look bro - in every aspect of life, there's goin to be guys much better than you, and guys much worse off than you. Be it sports, making music, some other skill or gaming women. That's just the way it is. Hell, I'm a good bit shorter than you and I still manage to score attractive women, albeit with more effort than my much better looking buddies. Sometimes I wish I had it easier too, but I'd much rather go out and put in the effort than become an incel or MGTOW.

Look at my sig and take it to heart - pussy ain't for pussies. If you're afraid or unwilling to put in the effort, leave the playing field. It's just more women for the rest of us...

Okay, fair enough, i agree with you, i'm not going to quit just because good looking guys have to put in next to no effort.

It's not more of a matter of me wanting to give up, it's rather more of a matter of me resenting women for it.

The reason why I resent them for this behavior is because they're always lying about how a man's looks are down the list of importance for them, but then look how they behave around chad.

If women are going to act so dramatically different for chad vs a normal looking man, this actually proves that women actually care more about looks than men, or rather genetics.

Men, by large, are open minded to be sexually free and willing to both a 6 out of 10 to a 10 out of 10, assuming his options aren't overflown.

If women are so specific about what they truly find attractive, then that proves they think about it more, and have more refined tastes.

It's a lot easier for a woman to hit that 9+ category through working out, cosmetics, and surgery. Usually just make up, working out, and dieting will get them to a 9, despite have far than less than ideal facial genetics.

Women, after all, tirelessly analyze their facial proportions trying to accentuate beautiful aspects of their face, whilst hiding the flaws. Pure manipulation. Women are red pilled about looks just by application, and they have learned through observing beauty standards of what makes a beautiful face, and attempt to replicate that via makeup. So, when they see the oh so very rare men fulfill the standards of beautiful proportions, their pussies gush.

Girls can do a lot more to boost their rating, and they're not so genetically determined the same way men are.

Also, there's one consistent aspect to the top tier male's looks in this thread, is height. Men are tremendously more open minded about height than women. You could have a perfect face and physique, but if you're anywhere sub 5'7 or such, too bad you're genetic trash to them, and now you hav eto jump through retarded hoops just to get in their overrated pussies.

It's this self righteous lie of being the less superficial sex, and being some victims to male superficiality that makes me sick to my stomach, because the behavioral evidence keeps showing the contrary.

It's not just stories like these ones on this thread that prove this deranged mentality they project, but a catfish account on tinder can prove this true as well.

It is enraging, and I don't really know how to cope with the anger without it leaking negatively into my game attempts.

People tell me sometimes that girls can probably sense my hatred for them when i speak to them, thus explain my low success rate, but the black pill in me just says, "5'10, 17% bodyfat, weak style sense, lack of dhvs, and reserved body language, ect."

I'm not the only man who admits this, but the truth about women is very negative, and once that truth is realized, it's very hard not to hate them for it, on biological and cultural level. I've been struggling with this for years... perhaps the red pills just hits some men too hard, and me being one of them. lol
02-07-2019 10:33 AM
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